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She turned away and bent over the tea chest again, cleanly stabbed by avarice, like a peach with a silver knife.
Usually, politics is about the avarice of one person or group in conflict .
But the market also threatened to unleash avarice, wreak havoc on traditions, and destroy any sense of the common good.
His characters are motivated by lust, avarice and vanity but elicit sympathy because of their vulnerability.
Ponzi had struck a perfect balance among the forces competing to control the new American identity: altruism and avarice.
If investors make money while they satisfy their avarice, so be it.
Envy goes beyond avarice.
They will be bought and sold at auction for years to come, and like it or not, avarice will be their handmaid.
Avarice, altruism, and policy had aligned to fuel a spectacular boom.
Sadly, his observations seem benign in comparison with today's levels of avarice and exploitation.
Even in their present state they were valuable enough to incite avarice and bloodshed.
We effectively live in a plutocracy that only answers to avarice and to the benefit of our oligarchs.
We now live in a plutocracy that only answers to avarice and benefits the oligarchs.
Right now the political animal has sundered honor for avarice, altruism for ambition.
They followed their own policy of lust and avarice, over regions too far from the main history of the times to be controlled.
But there will also be riches that reach beyond the dreams of avarice.
His upbringing has also made fans a little more sympathetic about his avarice.
Avarice and fidelity cannot dwell together in the same house.
We are not here to sell a parcel of boilers and vats, but the potentiality of growing rich beyond the dreams of avarice.
When it was known he had left all to public uses, people said that this was mere envy, avarice and pride.
Between him and the truth the avarice of a sordid landlady interposes the curtain of a lie.
Still they are, if anything, more steeped in avarice and their venom is unchecked.
Curiously enough, in this way, avarice was its own undoing.
The avarice of commercial ages is the idolatry of low vanity, paid to the physical object of crime, the graven image of dollars.

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