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That would make three hundred and fifty invitations available altogether.
Scientific American's archive to 1948 is now available online .
No reservations available, so arrive by lunchtime Friday to get a good site.
We now have about 10 percent of them available electronically.
Some videos are only available in Flash, which these devices do not support.
Every Tuesday, a new episode will be added to those available on the site.
Frequent flyer miles may not be available.
The only argument available with an east wind is to put on your overcoat.
It may have moved or may no longer be available.
But it cannot be made available to them without Congressional legislation.
They're readily available from garden supply stores and mail-order catalogs, and free when you buy seedlings at nurseries.
Although these eggs aren't widely available in stores, you can often find them at farmers' markets.
For this story, fortunately, information is available from a number of continental sources.
The steam engine, even the primitive pumping engine, could not develop before sheet iron was available.
But if you need help, our customer service staff is available.
Even when peer-review systems aren't available, one panelist noted that students sometimes police the material themselves.
Print edition carrier delivery not available in certain areas.
They're based on the latest data available, which date back two years.
Some hotels have courtesy vans available to pick up arriving guests, and rental cars are also readily available.
It's also the nearest location for which long-term climate data is available.
Some times data is available from automated stations set up on the sea ice.
Blue roses traditionally available through florists have been white roses dyed blue.
But it was not available in an open bulk download open format.
Group subscriptions are available for all three digital subscription packages.
Back then, the channel was available in fewer homes and devoted a lot less time to breaking weather news.
Loans are still available of business, information etc.
If the samples are dried prior to testing, it will vastly overstate the available energy.
Unless much of it is released in forms available to subsequent crops, recycling at best slows depletion by a fourth.
We want to max out all available renewable energy resources.
These devices are completely open and available to be exploited, a researcher says.
If you want to live in a nation that is prospering, make sure that its available energy supply is abundant.
Help may soon be available in the form of a smart film that can block heat--but not light--from the sun.
The fossil water there is not a renewable resource, but it is an available resource that should be wisely used.
So he tried different approaches until he managed to build a camera out of the lightest material he had available-balsa wood.
For help with the last item in that list, a guide is available online.
Hundreds of million years were available, and potentially highly intelligent species may have developed again and again.
Broadcasters will be able to offer even more channels in the available bandwidth, too.
Will this information be made available, how soon and at what cost to the people who participated and for that matter.
The second is to wring the maximum amount of useful work out of every unit of energy available.
New ideas and exploration tools will discover ever more uranium available at reasonable prices.
Various medications are available to help control this reaction.
Any photosynthetic life would be adapted to take advantage of the available light waves.
Sea ice on which to hunt is available for progressively shorter periods, forcing bears to fast for longer periods.
Visitor service staff and volunteer docents are available to answer questions.
They are made available for personal, non-commercial use only.
Alas, such a technology is not yet available on the market.
The response to a plug-in will be drawn from the cheapest available capacity, and by far the cheapest is coal fired.
Biofuel engines for aircraft still need some work before they are suitable for long-haul flights, but should be available soon.
Some argue that drug laws have no impact, because drugs are widely available.
The university has excellent sports and cultural amenities and on-campus accommodation is available.
The snag with all these ideas is that the data are not widely and quickly available.
Articles with a blue square are available only to subscribers.
Books are widely available in traditional printed form as hardcovers or paperbacks.
Highly sensitive intellectual property information should only be available to those with a legitimate business reason.
So freshly caught wild salmon is available legally for only a brief time each year.
No one dreamed that cell phones would become available so rapidly to hundreds of millions of people around the world.
It's not available because if you try it, you will die.
Widely available satellite imagery is making governments around the world awfully nervous.
And then ask your doctor if you should get the vaccine when it becomes available.
Moreover, unlike recycled water, imports are not always available during a drought.
Before sequencing was available at a reasonable price, microbes were identified by growing them in a petri dish.
Easier and less painful explanations are available from the world of science.
Proton-beam cancer therapy could become more available, thanks to a new device.
Drivers can use a website or smart-phone app to access real-time data about where parking is available and how much it costs.
For the first time, a silicon-based optical cable will be commercially available.
Within an organization, he says, there's usually a lot of available data.
As a result, the number of cell lines available to researchers who receive federal funding are few and of limited robustness.
But the glucose sensors available today can cause infections after a few days, and they are bulky and expensive.
It currently comes in two- and four-gigabyte versions, which are available to manufacturers for use in handheld devices.
But unlike other commercial spectrum, the frequencies available to devices will not be the same in every location.
The device is scheduled to become commercially available in the second half of the year.
One way to boost the performance of any solar cell is to increase the surface area available to incoming light.
However, no other company has made available a comparable amount of data to independent developers.
There are a number of benefits that come with the new technology that aren't available with today's portable printers, he adds.
The feature should be available to all users in those areas by the end of this week.
Last summer it made old, out-of-copyright articles available for free.
Source code for both malware and commercial software is often not available, which slows the hunt for vulnerabilities.
Environmentally friendly soy-based ink, used by newspapers for years, is now available for laser printers and fax machines.
What really makes me think is the amount of options available and possible security implications.
Credit was shoveled out the door, and subprime mortgages were made available to anyone this side of life support.
The juices change from week to week, depending on what's fresh and available, and they are always truly delicious.
Nearly all of the available land has been cleared for agriculture or urban development.
He's not making the food any cheaper, but he is making it available.
Chase makes himself available to the actors if they have questions, although he doesn't always answer them.
See how many jobs are available per industry for the unemployed.
Full magazine content is only available to subscribers.
Additional information about that incident wasn't immediately available.
Though there's no mention of alcohol, beer and wine are available.
Outdoor patios and grills will be available at amenity-level terraces.
There are a lot available, and it's probably the model crab fishery for the world.
Available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, the mats' stick-free surfaces produce perfect baked goods time and time again.
With a deluge of ingredients available for the home baker, it can be overwhelming to have to narrow them down.
The vinegar is still available for those in need of a quick pick-me-up.
Thank you for making this extra-ordinary piece available for all to hear.
Since the area had already been explored so intensely, only the best dinosaurs available would do.
Its technical precision amazes modern architects and engineers, especially in light of the available resources.
She will explain to anyone who will listen that unlike wind and solar power, wave energy is always available.
Grants are available to pay for the travel and research necessary for repatriation.
But the basic idea was a diet based on what's available locally, prepared nutritiously, getting away from meat and fat and sugar.
We do concentrate on the freshest seafood available anywhere, though.
Today, breeders isolate females and let them choose mates from among the available males.
Sidebar mini games available on the site teach scientific concepts that can be used to help solve the larger mystery.
Requests for applications, proposals, and other data now available.
Please include in your cover letter the term for which you are applying and the dates you are available to participate.
The special deduction is available regardless of whether a taxpayer itemizes deductions on their return.

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