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Do not avail yourself of any of the scientific benefits either.
Whether he will avail himself of the newer treatments hasn't been decided.
Local police scrambled for clues, but to no avail.
Nor helm nor steersman here can aught avail.
The drapes stay closed to ward off distractions, but to little avail.
The rhetoric of higher-education lobbying about the personal advantages of getting a college degree won't avail.
Relief workers and police beat them back with sticks, to little avail.
He did apply to history programs as well, to no avail.
They knew the true Prussian way of whimpering when bullying did not avail them.
Sidney began searching the shelves for the brand of baked potato chips she said she was looking for, but to no avail.
Any and all negotiated advertiser discounts are only applicable to and avail able during the period in which they are earned.
Ideally, future centenarians who avail themselves to life-prolonging advances won't suffer the familiar frailties of old age.
They have also tried both citronella spray and a shock collar, all to no avail.
Tried uninstalling and reinstalling, updating the software to no avail.
Thousands avail themselves of these means of transportation.
Our expedition hoped to recover its remains, to no avail.
The article mentioned the avail- ability of more pictures by visiting this site.
Her repeated efforts to obtain employment in one of the laboratories seemed to avail her nothing.
They have hoarded all of the gold and silver but it will be to no avail.
Avail yourself of writing groups if they're useful, but don't feel guilty about ditching them when they're not.
Under these conditions, suppliers will continue to avail their writing services.
Both aliens struggled to understand each other to little avail.
Doctors put her into a medically-induced coma to reduce cerebral damage, to no avail.
Harried staffers in blue suits and crew cuts shoved against the big wooden door panels, to no avail.
Then by degrees the poor were seen to have advantages of which the rich would gladly avail themselves.
Disbelieving anti-aircraft gunners tried desperately to knock it down, to no avail.
Drug-store chains send paper reminders in the mail--to little avail.
They tried to get money to put their stuff online, but to no avail.
He had been trying to schedule an office visit through official channels for months with the senator and his client, to no avail.
He put wet towels along the bottom of the bathroom door, but to no avail.
Against such an actual experience no mere argument can avail.
No amount of honesty will avail if he is not also brave and wise.
Thought and knowledge are natures in which apparatus and pretension avail nothing.
Let no favoritism or bias be of avail to influence its services.
The teaching of saints and of thinkers long remained of little avail.
Neither his grip upon his subject nor his technical mastery yet avail to make these felt otherwise than as digressions.
These authors do not avail themselves of the invention of letters for the purpose of conveying, but of concealing their ideas.
Nor does it avail to plead the guilt of rulers and the exploiters of labor.
But these things are profitable to those who, whilst they lived, deserved that they might avail them.
If you must conduct business during your stay, avail yourself of the copying and fax services of the hotel's business center.
Groups of seven or more people can avail of discounts.
If you have business to conduct during your stay, avail yourself of the copying and fax services of the hotel's business center.
He had lived there for years and was brought into the lobby in an attempt to revive him, but to no avail.
If you must tend to business during your stay, avail yourself of the fax and copying services of the hotel's business center.
Guests can also avail audiovisual equipment and meeting room space for a fee.
Other members of the herd tried to help, to no avail.
Usually, they have tried all proven therapies, to no avail.
They can also avail themselves of all sorts of protections that used to be reserved for public companies.
But to no avail: their abilities declined with each session.
Horse-trainers have offered gentler hours, higher pay and more generous weight limits, to no avail.
They have complained to the authorities, but so far to no avail.
Whenever forums and conferences are slated with too many members, it is to no genuine avail.
They have extolled, exhorted and even threatened, all to little avail.
The fund has been intervening this year, but to little avail.
They can probably lower interest rates to zero to no avail.
As election day approached and the polls narrowed, the national leadership pulled out all the stops, to no avail.
The pro-euro camp tried all of these arguments in the run-up to the referendum, to no avail.
Several suspects were considered and questioned, but to no avail.
We will tell you now that temptation will avail itself.
Still thinking it was a virus, the doctor prescribed antibiotics, to no avail.

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