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But it is perfectly possible to violate an auxiliary rule -- like fouling in basketball -- and still play the game.
There are just certain situations where the specialist really isn't a great auxiliary tool, but rather a liability.
Once a hospital cleaner, she is now a nursing auxiliary and hopes to study social work in Cuba.
It is also an auxiliary used to make past perfect tenses of verbs: I had.
For major equipment, you may want to purchase auxiliary generators.
Ought is an auxiliary verb that usually takes to with its accompanying verb: We ought to go.
They differ subtly in meaning from the auxiliary verb must.
This week British forces agreed to hand over control to a force of “auxiliary police” of dubious loyalty.
Some gliders also have small electric motors as auxiliary propulsion systems.
When planes pull into the gate, electricity is provided via the terminal rather than from the plane's auxiliary power unit.
When auxiliary batteries were exhausted, the plant was without power to continue cooling reactor cores and spent fuel pools.
Although photovoltaic cells and auxiliary equipment such as inverters are getting better, progress is slow.
The shrine complex consists of several ornate halls and auxiliary buildings with mysterious chambers.
At slow speeds, it runs only on an electric motor powered by the ship's auxiliary turbine.
All permanent storage would be on the thumb drive itself, possible auxiliary external drives, or network drives.
So auxiliary factories were called into production: home knitters.
Thus the companies, for their own survival, are dragooned into service as auxiliary censors.

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