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We stood around the body planning our autopsy strategy.
Officials had initially determined that the autopsy would be delayed because of the condition of the body.
Doctor, a couple of my team members want you to turn on the exhaust fan before starting the autopsy.
Not till morning will they begin their nuclear autopsy.
The final autopsy report is expected to be made public today, when testimony resumes.
The bones had been so disarticulated by animals that no autopsy could be performed.
One campaigner was allowed into the autopsy to gather video evidence.
On autopsy, moreover, the animals' brains showed damage to motor neurons.
She reportedly had her husband's ashes with her: he had been cremated after an autopsy.
Coroner's officials made the announcement after conducting an autopsy.
Dykes said autopsy results were expected sometime next week.
By the time this obituary appears he will have gone under the knife again, this time for an autopsy.
The police are investigating the matter and await the results of an autopsy.
The autopsy showed that she had a fractured skull and that she was unconscious when she entered the water.
The police said that they were awaiting the results of an autopsy.
One of their goals is to establish registries of deaths and autopsy results, building databases to support future research.
Not even the results of the autopsy, which are expected this week at the earliest, can be guaranteed to provide the answer.

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