autopilot in a sentence

Example sentences for autopilot

So then you basically put the panels on autopilot, and they know where the sun is on their own.
All he had to do was direct the autopilot to return to base.
It's equipped with an autopilot device that's programmed to seek out and fly in thermals.
No matter how good the autopilot, you still better know how to land the plane.
It is astonishingly easy to set your retirement on autopilot.
Adjust depending on risk tolerance and then put your investments on autopilot.
Actually the first book was decent in that regard but by the third book or so she was on autopilot.
He gets into the science of reading, the way some circuits in the brain go on autopilot as you're pulled deeper into the text.
Feeling as though you are living your life on autopilot.
And even more important, it can do them on autopilot.
The autopilot takes the plane all the way to the ground, even if the pilots cannot see anything outside their windows.
It was on autopilot, and they were dealing with failures.
The commander on that flight, he took it over and kicked off the autopilot.
The idea was to put monetary policy on autopilot, removing any discretion on the part of government officials.
Set it to run on autopilot and it wins real money while you sleep.
Placing your car on autopilot may be the solution to highway gridlock.
With no autopilot on board, it will be up to the human pilot to keep the aircraft flying.
At that moment, two distinct clicks of a button on the control yoke disconnect the autopilot guiding the plane.
When your shot comes to the point that you're not thinking about it, you know you're doing well--when it's on autopilot.
Week after week she goes through the same routine without ever falling into autopilot.
All the questions are softballs that allow each candidate to go on autopilot.
Or, set it to autopilot and the helicopter will fly around your house and not bump into anything.
The first announced that the autopilot had been disconnected.
The deficit may be locked on autopilot as neither tax rises nor spending cuts could gain a majority.
It uses radar functionality, sensors and computers to map the terrain, allowing it to drive on autopilot.
If the autopilot is flying then the pilots will monitor it to ensure that the control inputs are appropriate.
That, in turn, gave the pilots erroneous speed readings and triggered the autopilot to shut off.
Pilots should follow approved guidance for use of the autopilot.
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