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It's easier for the executive, the professional and the self-employed to fulfill this need for autonomy than for other workers.
By speaking up, you give her a measure of autonomy, a chance to do what she thinks best.
Sound moral development is characterized by an ever increasing degree of autonomy.
What really motivates people is the quest for autonomy, mastery and purpose, not external rewards.
Parents should focus on developing children's autonomy, their confidence in their own abilities.
Telling the story of her life that way was, of course, a final assertion of autonomy.
Some owners want more autonomy — not an equal split — in areas such as licensing team logos.
Nor has it made her doubt her management style, in which she gives lots of autonomy to division heads.
Kids have more money, autonomy and entertainment options than ever.
Although central banking systems have varying levels of autonomy, there is generally a significant level of government.
Meditating on them might enhance feelings of autonomy and intrinsic motivation, creating a mind-set that promotes success.
Life underwent billions of years to acquire the sophistication and autonomy to navigate various environments.
In mountainous regions, too, gazogenes firing wood allowed total autonomy of supply for forestry machines.
She will give her employees the autonomy and freedom they need to flourish.
As part of this agreement the south was granted a six-year period of autonomy to be followed by a referendum on final status.
In a push to modernize its culture and media industries, the government recently gave publishers more autonomy.
So there will be a lot more robot autonomy, but surprisingly it will start out at the low end.
What is an evident evolutionary advantage for people is our intellectual autonomy.
One concern is that the findings of brain science will undermine our notion of autonomy and individual responsibility.
The risk is that they suppress the essential autonomy of the creator in trying to do so.
And the state in particular ought to have no function except to protect their freedom and autonomy.
What's more, it could perform the task with a fair degree of autonomy.
It is designed to heighten individual autonomy and thwart centralization.
Lie detection raises a host of complicated ethical problems about autonomy and the privacy of one's own thoughts.
When everyone in the audience is a potential auteurist, prepare to kiss your autonomy good-bye.
Military robots are on their way to developing considerable autonomy.
And as their intelligence grows, so will their autonomy.
We need to give them that autonomy, so long as they are held accountable.
And underlying all these policy positions is a shared philosophical commitment to individual autonomy as a core political value.
Since then, royal aides have cannily worked to secure autonomy and arms-length financing from government.
Some monetary-policy autonomy would be restored by leaving, but borrowing costs would go up.
Shareholder resolutions are not supposed to interfere with boards' autonomy to take ordinary business decisions.
There's this idea that people need to be monitored, that if you let them have any kind of autonomy they're going to slack off.
In psychology the old view that autonomy is the hallmark of mental health is being revamped.

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