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On these technologies autonomous decision making and independent action by robotic spacecraft relies.
Offering minor choices will help motivate power-driven, autonomous and aggressive children.
California community colleges are governed by local, autonomous districts.
The development of autonomous vehicles has not skidded to a halt, however.
And the idea of armed autonomous robots is too risky.
If you have autonomous control of your classrooms, you have less to worry about.
It was established as an autonomous region in 1981 by the statute of autonomy.
It is an autonomous region.
At the college level, students need to be (largely) autonomous learners.
It is comprised of approximately 500 autonomous clubs.
The term also refers to the experience of living in a ship, which requires dwellers to be autonomous from outside help.
If you're going to invent your own life, if you're going to be truly autonomous, you also need courage: moral courage.
Autonomous machines will soon play a big role in our lives.
Each individual member and each group is autonomous and free to do and choose to do what they deem is best for them.
It isn't surprising given the highly autonomous statuses of the two regions.
Philosophy is not terrorism, and honest debate concerning human autonomous well-being is not holy war.
It could also allow optical addressing of autonomous, wireless sensors.
In an age in which increasingly complex tasks can be performed by semi-autonomous machines, robots have become the ultimate scabs.
They are much cheaper, more autonomous than ever, and more expendable than humans.
Here the agency of the filmmaker is redistributed between the autonomous robot and the subjects of its film.
Such a prestructured mental world may at first seem too complicated to have been created by autonomous genetic evolution alone.
The new work environment expects everyone to be a kind of entrepreneur: self-starting, autonomous, responsible.
The lack of communication between autonomous groups within the movement had been a constant problem.
Autonomous cars, once the stuff of science fiction, are here.
But the thing that's got him really excited are semi-autonomous cars.
Until a reasonably priced, easier method could be designed, autonomous robots were trapped in the lab.
Developers will need to build a mechanism for the base to be completely energy autonomous in an emergency situation.
The first version operates mostly under remote control, rather than being a true, autonomous robot.
In addition, there is one autonomous district, belonging to neither.
Cars will then be virtually autonomous, able to drive themselves without the motorist's intervention.
Autonomous systems constantly receive new routing instructions from the others-without much in the way of verification.
With respect to the exercise of critical evaluative judgment, however, groups have clear advantages over autonomous individuals.
There is a growing acceptance of either partially or fully autonomous equipment in the manufacturing area.

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