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Example sentences for automaton

Even the walnut-sized automaton hidden inside the egg has a majestic appeal.
Humans are not pigeons, nor some kind of reward based automaton.
It was the first type of that kind of underwater automaton to do that type of work.
During these trials, the children became far less interested in the friendly automaton.
It helped to popularize amateur automaton tinkering.
It was an overwhelming performance, an organic image of an automaton come to life.
Booty, who grew up in a football family, was the accurate automaton.
Clearly, this is no corporate automaton serving up market-tested demographic bait.
Sometimes survival is easier if the mind or the memory is removed, leaving only a well-oiled, obedient automaton.
See also suffix tree, inverse suffix array, suffix automaton.

Famous quotes containing the word automaton

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A full-dressed ecclesiastic is a sort of go-cart of divinity; an ethical automaton. A clerical prig is, in ... more
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