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Many parents believe that their children will automatically regulate their food intake.
For your convenience, quarterly subscriptions renew automatically.
The missing clothing labels is a real mystery but it doesn't automatically mean he was a spy.
Each admission automatically enters you in a raffle.
Make your order, and the money is automatically deducted from your linked credit card account.
The typical hot water heater is a self-contained appliance that works automatically.
According to the terms of the settlement, university administrators may no longer move automatically into faculty positions.
The digital one, an edifice built of software, takes in all that information and automatically acts on it.
Simply start typing the name of the bird in the search box and the list of birds is automatically populated.
To determine the wattage used, the meter automatically multiplies amperes by volts.
Unfortunately, the geniuses at my university set up the system so that it automatically deletes spam before you see it.
Sensors on the suit detect changes and automatically adjust pressure within the suit to keep pilots healthy and safe.
The information was then automatically relayed to scientists' e-mail accounts.
The verdict carries with it automatically a life imprisonment sentence.
When humidity rises, windows on the roofs automatically open.
The application will automatically use any images it finds in a special folder called the cache folder.
It even turns the pages automatically and keeps going until you tap with two fingers to stop it.
If the photo and the surface it rests on contrast, the app does a pretty good job automatically.
The transcript will automatically scroll as the audio is played.
If its not set up for you to automatically get teaching experience, then you need to arrange it.
Dryers with moisture sensors automatically shut off when clothes are dry, saving energy.
If you can come up with a new idea using new technology, the results come almost automatically.
Sniffing the exhaust means that this happens automatically.
The lights turn on automatically and come with mounting brackets.
When an encrypted configuration profile is stored on the user's device, this capability is enforced automatically.
The application automatically uses any images it finds in a special folder called the cache folder.
Looking forward to the day when those three letters will no longer automatically bring up that charlatan's name.
Most hot water heaters are automatically set at temperatures well above those required for safety in the kitchen.
If one plant were so synchronized, presumably the others would follow automatically.
So you could import a bunch of code and it would automatically arrange it into a hierarchy that my editor could edit.
If an e-mail contains an address, a map automatically appears in the column to pinpoint the location.
The commission no longer automatically grants accreditation in such transactions.
Hybrid chargers can be plugged in and are capable of automatically switching between solar power and home electricity.
Your auditory nerve adjusts automatically to the intensity of sound stimulation.
Once the sniper wins one auction, that bidder's outstanding bids at other auctions are automatically canceled.
Criminals' deaths were automatically bad, those of children and valiant soldiers good.
As a result, currency crises automatically became debt crises.
Protection of umbrella species is thought to automatically protect a host of other species.
Lawsuits will decline automatically as a health care system sheds its role as avaricious money-collector.
It can be set to take either head-and-shoulders or full-figure portraits of people automatically.
It ought to automatically qualify you to receive food stamps, really.
Farm vehicles equipped with global-positioning-system locaters automatically mix and apply the prescribed dose to each area.
They can also use their camera phones to post photos automatically to their blogs.
And any hotel with an in-room espresso maker automatically gets five stars in my book.
Other times they automatically corrected typos the students did make.
At the first sign of violence, they act automatically against the aggressor.
Use a programmable thermostat to automatically turn down heating or cooling when you're out.
Many cameras will automatically focus on the element in the center of the screen.
When the wearer gets too hot, the flaps open automatically, so outside air can get through and cool them down.
The window shades are set to rise and lower automatically, depending on the level of sunlight.
But sophisticated tools don't automatically produce good work.
It automatically adjusted to each student's ability, advancing slowly for some and quickly for others.
Behaving automatically requires less effort than deliberately exerting conscious control over one's actions.
Unfortunately, saying that the regime is evil doesn't automatically indicate how to help its unfortunate people.
One is that plans to add new layers of secrecy to security systems should automatically be viewed with suspicion.
Barring legislative maneuvers to block or modify the new policy, the changes will take effect automatically.
Our perceptual system makes this inference automatically, using educated guesses to fill in the gaps and make perception possible.
Easy waiting should automatically be part of every air line's service even if it adds a bit to the price of a ticket.
Software keeps growing and improving at a tremendous rate fed by millions of software engineers and even automatically.
Confinement alone doesn't mean an animal is automatically worse off.
And it doesn't automatically mean that people are responsible.
Gods automatically die with the progress of knowledge.
None of this is to say that an objection raised to one's results should be automatically accepted as true.
The opinions of someone who is working for oil and energy companies are automatically suspect when it comes to the environment.
If your car breaks down, you automatically call for help instead of having to walk to find a pay phone.
Anybody outside our own in-group is automatically an outsider, and therefore not to be trusted.
We are taught to be mentally tough, training repeatedly until our muscles can react automatically.
In fact, in reading you automatically recognize the difference, whether you're aware of it or not.
People unable to think do not generally get rich though great thought does not automatically make one rich.
Whenever the two versions are on the same wireless network, they will automatically sync.
But that doesn't automatically make a pizza party pedagogically useful.
He will be covered automatically by your work permit should you get the job.
Everyone who opposes you is not automatically something you can categorize.
Almost every major event in history automatically gets a conspiracy theory attached to it.
One of them acts as an supplemental upgrader, enhancing all nearby towers automatically.
Many of us can automatically recall these photos in our heads, but far fewer can name the photographers who took them.
It switches certain functions on and off automatically when the phone's sensors detect a specific set of user-defined conditions.
Sales tax, when applicable, also will be charged automatically.
The following text will automatically be appended to your message:.
Scene modes automatically optimize the camera's settings for the situation.
You'll be automatically notified via e-mail when new pages meeting your search terms are found.
And the books can automatically turn student notes into study cards.
Some may enter purchase information and updates automatically.
Too bad these instructions don't automatically appear on the screen.
Some automatically reclaim refunds or credits on behalf of their customers.
Once your first comment is posted by a moderator, all future comments will post automatically.
These are orders you place with your broker to automatically sell stocks if their prices fall to a certain point.
The smears should not automatically excuse the movie for its own inaccuracies.
In the unlikely event of a malfunction, the bed and its patient will automatically be sealed in a block of concrete.
City ambulances automatically take injured children to trauma centers, but my patient had been carried in by his dad.
And it converts automatically to a pillow during the frequent and sudden naps that litter the workday of the professional thinker.
In this way, our body automatically limits its own response to stressful situations.
Your comments were automatically held for moderation.
They do automatically take it into account for purposes of finding of locations.
People could be automatically enrolled onto organ-donor programs, with the option to opt out if they wish.
It doesn't automatically make something easy to grasp.
First, the presence of outside funding is not automatically an indication of a conflict of interest or impropriety.
Newer reactor designs include a system to detect and automatically burn hydrogen to prevent such an explosion.
Your last sentence does not automatically follow from your penultimate sentence.
It probably comes automatically with flags and nations and all that tribal stuff.
There was therefore no absolute certainty that a book dealing with the subject would automatically be banned.
Those colours have been the same throughout her life, and they are elicited automatically, whether she thinks about them or not.
Now it can be done invisibly, remotely and automatically.
If she wins the nomination, she will automatically gain recognition.
If there is a case for longer terms, they should be on a renewal basis, so that content is not locked up automatically.
The company's server will respond automatically with an access code to the unit.
And if he does tackle them successfully, the big causes of human suffering-disease and poverty-will be automatically alleviated.
Governments automatically reach for it when trying to fix the economy.
Pegging the exchange rate to some foreign currency does not automatically make an economy more stable.
Growth reduces deficits automatically by increasing tax revenues and cutting spending on unemployment benefits and so forth.
By pegging to the dollar, a currency was automatically fixed to everything else.
To some extent, government budgets in rich countries stabilise the economy automatically in booms and busts.
But it does not automatically follow that the more people there are, the worse the damage.
Some systems automatically alert the police when spray is released.
They cannot, therefore, expect the exemption to apply automatically.
Many automatically pull information from companies' human-resources systems into people's profiles.
Radar-equipped cruise control allows vehicles to adjust their speed automatically in traffic.
But being a politician should automatically remove an individual from any kind of defamation protection.
Automatically tailored display ads could attract small businesses.
The platform automatically parcels out those tasks among the cores.
If one piece malfunctions or needs updating, programs and data automatically move to others.
The groceries are automatically delivered to their doorstep by the end of the work day.
Maps are updated automatically based on drivers' routes.
The flat fee model allows you to have a much lower effective per minute rate since the fixed costs are automatically covered.
Already, some cars can park themselves or brake automatically to avoid accidents.
When the conductivity changes abruptly, the wires signal the fault and a controller can automatically shut down the laser.
Many programs now install security updates automatically, without requiring user intervention.
They automatically examine files for malicious software, but they can only detect malware that's already been identified.
The software automatically removes the items to be deleted and reorganizes the photo according to the user's demands.
The company also sells a premium version that performs fixes automatically.
US researchers have released a new online program for automatically tagging images according to their content.
It could also make devices easier to use--for instance, by automatically determining security settings.
It could be automatically downloaded to the highway patrol.
Those businesses that do not automatically get a permit may apply directly to us.
Optimization problems are solved automatically with minimal input from the user.

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