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The makers of this sloshy-tub have completely missed the point of the automatic washing machine.
We are talking belt-fed machine guns, shotguns, and modern military automatic rifles here.
If the arm made a mistake on automatic mode, they panned it.
Then he went to an automatic teller machine and got me money.
Metric is pretty natural but not automatic for everything.
In fact, we've never owned an automatic transmission.
It's easy to switch into automatic pilot mode when it comes to planning a course.
Automatic meter reading removes the need for platoons of meter readers and cuts down on paperwork.
Automatic focus in low light settings can be tricky, so focus manually and use a high f-stop to get good depth of field.
The major distinction responsible for these internal disagreements is the one between automatic and controlled processes.
The best way to water vegetables in containers is with drip irrigation operated by an automatic controller.
Automatic subway systems are no longer new technology as it may seem.
Your research gets automatic respect, especially if your adviser is popular or famous.
To cancel your automatic subscription renewal agreement, please contact your local print service centre.
Substantial facility in the accurate and automatic decoding of words.
In short, the truth is automatic and effortless, and lying is the opposite of that.
It had plush leather seats, automatic everything and a top-of-the-line stereo.
Psychologists recognize that certain behaviors can be automatic.
Do not use paper that is too heavy to feed into an automatic copier.
Instead of a gallon, only a pint goes down the drain, per automatic flush of our urinals.
Automatic emotion regulation during anger provocation.
Bland questions and automatic answers designed to avoid controversy.
News alerts are automatic updates that let you know about the latest headlines and breaking news events.
They apparently haven't the patience to read essays, and automatic tabulators all but eliminate the time they spend on grading.
First, a wholly automatic pilotless airliner would have to be built and shown to be safe.
Each space mouse will have its own self-contained module with automatic food and water dispensers.
The automatic tripling of empty lines is annoying in this context, too.
Automatic weapons are not readily available and in fact, require a special license to purchase.
Learn how simply turning off your camera's automatic white balance can turn drab, lifeless photos into amazing shots.
Perhaps the organization is useful in the way that the automatic withdrawal reaction is useful when touching a hot stove.
By now you've probably gotten used to those automatic paper towel dispensers.
There may be further discounts if you sign up for automatic withdrawals.
The discovery suggests that the immediate response to other people's fear may be more automatic than previously thought.
High-quality cameras all employ the same basic system for automatic focusing, known as phase-detection autofocus.
The act requires the automatic removal of material a rights holder claims is infringing its copyrights.
My theory is that the mind and body takes automatic action.
There is no automatic guarantee on investment anywhere.
Despite high-end components, this is an idiot-proof automatic model meant for the camera-phobic.
Today, many homes have automatic controls for air temperature and sound systems.
The resulting spray shorted out electronics and forced an automatic shutdown of the nuclear reactor.
Any task done simultaneously, therefore, becomes less automatic.
Set up routine automatic electronic transfers to those accounts from your regular account.
When that argument failed, the search firm put diplomacy aside and stopped the automatic flow of data in the other direction.
Automatic provision of free health care for adopted children might also weigh heavily in favor of such options.
It's a job once done less efficiently and more dangerously by laborers wielding automatic knives.
If you get the automatic note, then you know it is happening.
There is no need to, short of there being a malfunction, because the automatic flow is perfectly adequate.
When food is full of nutrition our bodies have an automatic shutoff to eating too much.
Most permits have been issued under an automatic nationwide permit, so there has not even been a review of the individual site.
But, automatic uploads, geotagging and hotspot access is a great place to start.
It's all about making the problem-solving as automatic as possible.
Regardless of the fact that they didn't envision automatic weapons.
It does not, however, confer automatic respect for one's beliefs.
In short, if that individual has elected to share their notes and highlights, followers have automatic access to them.
It was easy to install and allows for automatic scheduled or manual back-ups.
Allow an automatic time-marker to be embedded in the notes at intervals set by the user.
In many ways an automatic landing is more work-intensive than a manual one.
Originally the punishment for the violation of a taboo was probably left to an inner, automatic arrangement.
It was an automatic, and her feet barely reached the pedals.
If a writer is also a film's producer, arbitration is automatic.
The gang that pulled off four subway robberies last weekend terrorized riders with what witnesses described as automatic weapons.
The automatic does its job rather casually at part throttle.
No six-speed automatic transmission or manual-shift mode.
Every day, a few more compelling reasons to opt for a stick shift over an automatic transmission are disappearing.
Use your automatic sprinkler system and a mini-soaker hose to water plants that can endure spending time outdoors.
Its algorithm attaches an automatic weighting to every data point, according to its consistency with comparable readings.
The odds of deterring a malfeasant country with fines, however semi-automatic they may appear, are slim.
Throughout your flight the robot will control the throttles and the plane's automatic pilot.
He then switched the steering mechanism to automatic pilot.
The fear response is automatic, though, and your body runs through its reflexes whether you want it to or not.
Other technologies that could come into play here include automatic transcription, online tutors, and crowdsourced grading.
The problem becomes the automatic fee added onto tuition.
Even unconscious and automatic self-survival mechanisms were selected for a purpose and display a tendency for preference.
Also, this difficulty with more than one sense at once makes overstimulation almost automatic.
The supply of land is fixed, and if there's a fixed supply of something but a growing demand, appreciation should be automatic.
Switch the default from user-initiated sharing to automatic sharing.
Studies show that it is automatic and pervasive, and has a huge influence on social psychology.
She also proposes automatic sanctions with a judicially administered regime of compliance.
In no other country are automatic refrigerators considered a necessity instead of a luxury.
Nor does taking such a position confer an automatic advantage.
No one's expertise is indispensable, contrary to the current practice of granting virtually automatic waivers on those grounds.
However, such inspired moments of automatic writing were thought to be rare.
Crane's partner was armed with a semi-automatic sniper rifle.
It fires a three-round burst when it is switched to automatic.
So warning has to be automatic, and it has to be reliable.
He is working on weapons detectors as automatic and accurate as metal detectors.
Some behavior is automatic, or reflexive, and requires no thought to be performed properly.
It did this through an automatic process of scientific inquiry.
The supercomputer and the power plant are completely automatic and self-maintaining.
The scientists also confirmed that the dogs' species recognition was not an automatic judgment.
But this blog gets a ton of spam comments, which are filtered out by an automatic program.
Their results suggest that the frontal cortex is responsible for willful attention and the parietal cortex for automatic.
One option is to install automatic disconnect circuits, which can cut down on parasitic losses.
It's an automatic mechanism for grouping a conversation, after all.
Retrieval of a vehicle would be similarly automatic.
That's an interesting distinction, and reality mining can make it automatic.
They can have dedicated charging stations and meter the consumption for automatic payroll deduction.
Oh yes, upgrades are also automatic and free as well.
Speech technology is so far from supporting automatic speech-to-text.
If it ever lost communications, tiny onboard computers would guide the vehicle back home to a fully automatic landing.
The networks and machines that store and carry the data will be so intelligent that interacting with them will be automatic.
Though inaccurate, those guns are also cheap, easy to conceal and convertible to fully automatic operation.
If you qualify for an automatic approval request, a user fee is not required.
Most cars today have automatic shoulder belts, but the lap belt is usually manual and often not used.

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