automata in a sentence

Example sentences for automata

Not so different basic from many dystopias when humans are turned into automata.
Roy's far from the only artist working with finely-crafted wooden automata.
Wolfram and others in their work on cellular automata have pointed us in the right direction.
The elderly were strange automata of prescriptions and adages, as if they had been replaced by their own fictions.
The moderns have striven to make working automata, and have succeeded.
Its people become automata, acting as no human beings ever acted, obviously stalking through a mechanical plot.
They'd become museum pieces, relics and statues and toys and automata.
But since his brilliant friends were human beings and not high-powered automata, their trajectories proved far from predictable.
The expressive power of such automata varies depending on the acceptance conditions of the trees.
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