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The amount of the credit depended on how many hybrids the automaker of a given vehicle sold.
Fuel economy standards are the primary cause of the domestic automaker's crisis.
So dealers can thrive even when the automaker languishes.
The consequences for a dead big three automaker are great.
Ford's a little slow from the line, but the automaker made clear today that it wants to win the electric car race.
The government can't simply give more of each to the automaker.
Labor costs are a much smaller portion of their financial burden than at an automaker.
But repaying that amount hardly shows that it's a new day at the automaker.
After nobly suspending donations to political campaigns after its bailout, the automaker has resumed its giving.
As a result, the dealership and automaker get an additional sale.
The automaker is expected to show four new models, including a design concept.
The planned plug-in hybrid car is at the core of the automaker's attempt to reinvent itself.
The company expects to disclose some automaker partnerships in the next few months.
The exhibit was a marketing coup for the largest automaker.
But to pull it off, the automaker needed a high-performance, reliable battery.
Is our largest automaker really that incompetent that they can't create a good hybrid that is inexpensive without huge subsidies.
Because of that drawback, and the high cost of the system, the automaker didn't pursue it further.
Although no major automaker currently sells a plug-in hybrid, a handful of companies provide aftermarket conversion kits.
Imagine you're an automaker with a killer car in the works.
Chrysler sales were up last month because of the automaker's refreshed product line.
It's not often that an automaker will give a look at what they're planning to make far in the future.
And the car is fueling a dramatic turnaround at the automaker.
The automaker may not deserve a bailout, but losing it could wreck the economy.
To end the strike, the automaker boosts wages and benefits.
In addition, the automaker can recover deposits mistakenly made to the plan.
For every worker directly employed by an automaker, more than six spin-off jobs are created.
Every major automaker approves and warrantees its use.
The marketing mailings may appear to be an important notice from the consumer's car dealer or automaker.
Almost every major automaker is putting finishing touches on a high-efficiency vehicle top of page.
The automaker is also facing hundreds of state and federal lawsuits.
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