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Example sentences for autograph

If you cash the check not only are you disloyal, but you also lose the autograph.
After a talk or at an opening, people crowd round for a chat-and an autograph.
And then maybe you can stop him and get his autograph.
Engraved on the back is the name and autograph of the factory worker who put your phone together.
Ideal for avoiding pesky tech-blog autograph seekers but not so good if you're traveling with friends.
The other astonishing thing is that in almost every case the autograph manuscript of that music is right there beneath our noses.
The car was so popular that he was often besieged by autograph hunters.
Yet he is frequently stopped in the street, on a train or at the airport by people asking for his autograph.
Two buyers asked that he autograph the books for a brother or boyfriend in prison.
These are pieces of paper containing an autograph of an individual who has died many years ago.
Autograph seekers had routinely harvested signatures from presidential messages.

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