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Probably there will always be a body of short narrative pieces, their authorship and origin lost, preserved in outlying regions.
One measurable benchmark of progress has been book authorship.
The right of authorship should remain to the author.
If anything, the authorship question is about courage and intellectual honesty.
His ideas aim to reconceive the boundaries defining discipline and authorship.
But publication in the humanities continues to be predicated on the model of single authorship.
Publication in peer-reviewed journals is required, as well as authorship of books for certain types of promotion.
The problem here is scatterbrain editorship, not necessarily poor authorship.
The price of co-authorship is too high when it involves listening to a third grader's poem of the day-every day.
In exchange for ceding credit, he is freed from the obligations of authorship.
The authorship of this stirring ode has been suspected by some, but known to few except its author.
The collection contains the best work of the race in the field of authorship, and is unique.
Of a considerable number of songs of the eighteenth century, the authorship is either doubtful or quite unknown.
Much has been written about the authorship of this book, which is probably not all from one hand.
The importance of the book lies in its authorship, its intention and its method.

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