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In time, the power of authors birthed the idea of authority and bred a culture of expertise.
Not only do clans use different codas, the authors argued, but the codas differ slightly among individuals.
His fellow authors were admonished to inform, to enchant and to tell a story.
Registered users can read free e-books and discuss them with other teens and authors.
According to the authors, cold remedies are notorious for being based in myth.
The authors note that off-label drug use is common in cancer.
It even made finding authors of articles easier by improving the quality of search results for authors.
The study authors urge more education on the subject, and protection and privacy for whistleblowers.
But the strategy is so successful that the authors yearned for puzzles whose solutions would require novel tactics.
We go to conferences and meetings, pore over other publications, and routinely confer with our researcher sources and authors.
Furthermore, chat rooms may exert peer pressure or reinforce ones' resolve to commit suicide, the authors wrote.
Hundreds of authors and works are quickly accessible to all the pages on which they appear.
Their writers are known rather as authors than as travellers.
However, the authors also calculated exactly how route planning can affect mileage.
Two years ago, the same authors found that it was possible to radically accelerate this fading.
That's the same deadline for authors and publishers to decide to opt out or oppose the settlement.
As a bonus for their readers, the authors included two recipes for the drug that nearly killed their patient.
The two authors have borrowed a name for this invisible wealth: dark matter.
The paper's authors think they are the first to find a similar effect within a single language in one country.
By and large, the authors shy away from the political hot potato of offshoring.
If textbook authors could eliminate the secondary market, prices might fall while author returns increased.
The report's authors blame cultural factors as well as bureaucratic resistance.
One myth of the anti-free-trade crowd is quickly debunked by the authors.
To make scanned versions of older books available, it often required tracking down and negotiating with estates and authors.
People are less violent than ever, two authors argue.
The crunch has lasted long enough to spawn its own publishing mini-boom, as authors have raced to give their diagnoses in print.
The copyrights of authors and publishers are acknowledged.
Widening the spectrum would also highlight areas of disagreement between authors.
These must be paid by the authors, a significant expense for cash-strapped university departments.
The authors argue that mankind has at last become the first species capable of deliberately directing its own evolution.
The authors argue that technology and outsourcing are enabling services to overcome their former handicaps.
But the authors find that this pay gap can be fully explained by the effect of executives' networks.
Authors and artists do not generally consult the statute books before deciding whether or not to pick up pen or paintbrush.
Some of the claims about syntax are plainly false despite being respected by the authors.
Engle, director of higher-education research and policy and one of the report's authors.
Most graduate students who publish do so as co-authors on articles with more senior researchers and faculty members.
If there were more than two authors, you could have two first co-authors.
In an excerpt from their new book, the authors calculate the grim bottom line.
In many respects, he's a model for contemporary authors confronted with a wobbly publishing industry and a fractured marketplace.
Alloy authors generally own a fifty-per cent stake in their work.
Many of the stories did not fare too well, and would not have got their authors into a selective university.
Although translators of long-dead authors do not have to share royalties, the arithmetic was unpleasant.
The authors of the study speculated that new processing algorithms would improve the test results.
The authors described the results as a starting point for the preparation and evaluation of synthetic antibodies for key antigens.
Those are great authors and have written excellent reviews.
So many authors, when they take on a profound concept, become dismal and didactic.
Most of the stories are simply left-wing reporters quoting left-wing authors or professors.
The authors concluded that scientists must begin captive breeding.
Though the the results of the paper are worth talking about, the authors claim that they'll be putting the data online.
The study's authors also don't call out vaccines as a cause per se.
Instead, they need to be the authors of their own education.
Realistically, say the authors, the actual live-birth rates would fall somewhere in the middle of the range.
The findings will help researchers understand how planets develop in their early stages, the study authors say.
The research supports the idea that instability in genes may be a major factor in aging, the authors say.
The map presents a new way of looking at various skin conditions, the study authors note.
The other dinosaurs in this group probably didn't make much use of their functional nub fingers, the study authors note.
By the authors' admissions, there are surprisingly little data available regarding the natural history of these species.
Such seaweed could be helping to curb coral growth on reefs worldwide, the study authors say.
Most planets that orbit so close to their stars develop much more circular orbits, the study authors note.

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