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Take used pallets to a recycling center authorized to accept them.
It should be authorized to immediately put in hand such work-Times.
If it is desired to permit the chair to appoint a committee after adjournment, it must be authorized by a vote.
It had taken two years to get a map of the proposed park filed under the law that authorized the laying out of it.
The sources requested anonymity because they were not authorized to release details ahead of their leaders.
Some writers have collaborated with musicians to create authorized book-soundtrack pairings.
They could have hired directly, or they could have authorized a larger road-building program.
Of course, the great triumph of the movie might be that it was authorized at all.
The money from the stimulus that actually will stimulate the economy is on the sidelines, authorized and ready to go.
And he was authorized to structure the sequence of plays that he called to take advantage of those things.
We also never show a student paper to any one that is not first authorized by the instructor.
We are witnessing nothing less than a self-inflicted and self-authorized societal hoodwinking of the first order.
The command was also authorized to bomb targets of opportunity detected from the air during missions.
So those who are supposed to get help and services from the government authorized agencies, they will face a dead end.
Anything more is meddling in a way that could be counterproductive, but more importantly is not authorized.
They have been authorized to use rubber bullets as a last resort.
While the rest of the world was watching the scene in the square, the colonel who authorized its climax was blind to the event.
The torture of prisoners, authorized at the highest level, has been an ethical and a public-diplomacy catastrophe.
There is some misinformation out there about using this code to add authorized users to your account.
The officials are not authorized to speak publicly about the exchange of money.
The supervisor informed me that it was a standard administrative security check and that they were authorized to do it.
And all around the web you can easily find more material, including an authorized download of the first single from the album.
After you are added as an authorized user, you will receive a welcome e-mail with instructions on how to register for access.
The exercise of state power must be authorized by the people.
It is an authorized biography by a persistent biographer that got out of hand.
It had no real meaning in a government that is authorized to build barracks, forts, and camps.
The company's system then evaluates how well this information matches the behavior patterns of the appropriate authorized user.
For the authorized user, the key looks good--the data gets encrypted.
Ebooks could also link to an author's site and for authorized versions, could get extra content.
And the system inspects only those communications that are legally authorized for interception.
All submissions must be authorized by the account holder.
The spokesman was not authorized to discuss the case publicly.

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