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All virtue lies in a power of denying our own desires when reason does not authorize them.
In other words, it could authorize a trillion dollar coin.
Because it was hidden in a bill to authorize defense spending.
Oh yes, you also need the user to put all this together, install the plugin and authorize its usage of the hardware.
The eventual answer to this would necessarily be to authorize a biography based on the facts made accessible.
Of course, these laws and policies merely authorize such snooping.
Some carriers will customize it so that their phones can't install any applications other than the ones they authorize.
The company operates a point-of-sale network, which allows merchants to authorize checks with a single phone call.
However, you can de-authorize all of your purchases once a year.
Parliament will meet tomorrow to authorize a state funeral, the first held for a commoner in this century.
Approving officials must authorize or approve all travel expenses.

Famous quotes containing the word authorize

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