authority figure in a sentence

Example sentences for authority figure

If you study a pack of dogs, the first authority figure is the mom, and the mom does pin the puppies down.
Even today, the teacher is still an authority figure.
Most prison movies have a monster authority figure, and so does this film.
Untrained for such contingencies, this would-be authority figure wants to perform properly but simply has no idea of what to do.
And this reliance on a single authority figure extended outwards.
Hysteria needs a doctor or theorist, an authority figure who can give it a compelling name and narrative.
No authority figure-no teacher or administrator-dares correct him.
If any human authority figure was caught planting evidence, he'd be arrested.
For lots of folks, apparently, it is simply unthinkable that morality doesn't require some authority figure.
The faculty member is inevitably an authority figure.
Clearly, an independent, professional authority figure was needed.
It's a sign of respect for a professional elder and an authority figure.
The uniform identifies the wearer as an authority figure, and as someone who the public can go to in time of crisis.
Punishment requires an authority figure to be present.
While maintaining discipline in your household is important, you can be more than an authority figure to your children.
Power is distributed along with the leadership, not vested in one authority figure.
In the process, the authority figure's pretentiousness or absurdity is revealed to the audience.
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