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Check with the relevant authorities before attempting any controls.
Notice that this idea is not limiting involvement of the authorities to exercise of police power to arrest and imprison.
Sports authorities fear that a new form of doping will be undetectable and thus much less preventable.
They would rather hand it in to authorities and not see it harm society in any way.
For one thing, authorities commonly have a bias toward action, if only to justify their own existence.
No major injuries were reported but the aftershocks may continue for weeks, according to authorities.
Authorities were carefully watching levees set up around some communities to hold back floodwaters.
The authorities released her quickly, without pressing charges.
The map will help authorities plan emergency response plans, showing which areas may need to be evacuated.
The authorities have repeatedly pressured him to identify his informants.
But their fame and looks don't make them authorities on nutrition and health.
Let us remember that the authorities make no mention of any such relations.
In patient submission and without criticism they followed the same authorities.
All the authorities attest their valor and the fearful effect of their war cry.
They cannot be summarily torn down, though in extreme cases the authorities can order them cleared.
But this will not alter the fundamental reliance of many local authorities on the centre.
Over the subsequent decades it has had various brawls with secular authorities over the use of birth control pills.
Better, say some, to strengthen police authorities than to junk the system for one that threatens police impartiality.
When visiting the villages, she stays in cheap lodgings where staff are less likely to report her presence to the authorities.
Thus the more the economy needs looser macroeconomic policy, the more scope the authorities will have to provide it.
Along with land use, transport is the biggest headache facing city authorities.
At present, the authorities seem keener to intimidate would-be dissenters rather than imprison hundreds of them.
The authorities seem to have had second thoughts about encouraging more combative contests.
But the authorities were clearly hamstrung by the political risks involved.
But some authorities think baselines, once established, could be deemed permanent.
If the authorities have to slam on the brakes, the property market will falter, jeopardising loans to developers and builders.
Then the authorities took away her license to practice law.
For minimum impact on the endangered turtles, authorities supervise and limit the number of visitors each night.
Blewitt alerted the authorities to the plot and was pardoned.
Over the years, management authorities have addressed the problem of overfishing in many ways, with limited success.
They established security at the museum complex and, huddling with museum authorities, began an inventory of missing treasures.
The authorities closed the site quickly to prevent a repeat.
Now many of our photographers are joining the digital revolution, making them among the world's top authorities in the field.
Then he dared speak up, to the police and other authorities, demanding to use the new village well.
Several solutions were attempted by local authorities desperate to lure back panic-stricken holidaymakers.
Later it was revealed that, though this tribe apparently is truly uncontacted, authorities have known about it for decades.
Much of what authorities discovered, they leaked anonymously to journalists.
In these and many other cases, authorities quickly abandoned the extreme measures some had imagined were necessary.
They had no practical effect except as reminders that the authorities were on guard and in control.
Top policymakers, leading business minds, and economic authorities will help illuminate these important issues.
So a criminal investigation could still occur, much to the dismay of federal authorities.
We can all imagine what could have happened if authorities did not take the predictions seriously and then disaster really struck.
The members of this movement do not accept the legitimacy of scholars and intellectual authorities.
The truth is they're not picky eaters, with one case in which authorities found a chicken coop in a tiger shark's stomach.
Or maybe it means that the authorities are starting to get serious about cracking down once again.
It is my experience that many mental-health professionals are unaware of how extremely obedient they are to authorities.
While authorities have some leeway to refuse requests, they are generally expected to say yes.
One could quote many authorities-and any number of ordinary people-who hold such views about the economic power of education.
The authorities said pledges were also beaten with sticks and paddles.
Such thinking, however, is always misguided-ideas and practices never stay in the boxes that authorities build for them.
If they complain about working conditions, their managers can threaten them with exposure to the immigration authorities.
These companies periodically change their names to dodge the authorities.
In fact, the payment is so important and it actually should be controlled or standardized by the authorities.
The state and federal authorities, however, are facing a challenge today in funding necessary improvements and new construction.
Instead, local authorities began netting the eagles and removing them non-lethally.
One big contribution will be expected from the airport authorities.
The authorities were rushing to complete the process of identification.
The authorities shut the bridge, claiming that too many people were using it.
They gave info to local authorities who then tracked down the author of the note.
Higher authorities were unaware of these developments.
The six words and their definitions were e-mailed to nine lexicographical authorities.
With little to salvage, authorities say that cleanup is now the main task at hand.
State authorities originally expected the fire to burn for about two weeks, but it endured for two and a half years.
And local authorities need to step to help resolve this too.
It is all about how to establish priorities and authorities.
The authorities cannot afford the political risk of any infection there.
The authorities are already well aware of the outbreak, and concerned by it.
The members of this movement do not accept the legitimacy of scholars and intellectual authorities.
Until now financial authorities have explicitly rejected that responsibility.
It is quite another thing for the authorities to exercise these powers.
At the time, there were long waiting lists: owned and managed by local authorities, such houses were intensely desirable.
Obviously the authorities knew about the project before it started.
When prison authorities learned of the book they threatened to revoke his parole, and he was forced to complete it in secret.
These are matters that by and large are within the existing competences of national regulatory authorities.
Efforts to investigate the abuses have been systematically resisted by the authorities.
It is an act of total insanity, for several of those present will hurry to inform the authorities.
During the wars of the twentieth century, army authorities censored soldiers' letters and discouraged diary keeping.
Using a special tab on the app, you can also quickly and easily e-mail the information to authorities with a few clicks.
What sets the scandal apart is the sustained and widespread effort by church authorities to cover up for and protect the accused.
The whole thing is drawing hordes of people to the levees, prompting the authorities to close some sections.
And this was also a brilliant way of placing the authorities on the defensive and luring them into a moral trap.
Authorities ordered him turned away, without even allowing him inside.
She did not tell her roommates or her parents, and she did not report the incidents to any authorities.
Too much of it, perhaps, would be too difficult to tell without attracting the interest of the authorities.
D avis had already had problems with the federal authorities.
There is a frenetic feel to many of the shots, because the filmmaker was often literally running from authorities.
The authorities thought that nobody would care about these long-haired musicians.
She felt certain that her alarming conclusions would discourage the authorities, but her report accomplished the exact opposite.
Subsequently, one of the original tapes has been discovered, but the authorities will not reveal what is on it.

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