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The auctioneer cut an imposing figure, nearly six feet tall in heels, her English-accented contralto crisply authoritative.
Today's figures are considered more authoritative and comprehensive.
Again, I don't claim my answer to be authoritative.
The volume reveals a poet by turns charming and authoritative, masterful and humble, deftly evasive and ringingly quotable.
Encyclicals are the most authoritative documents a pope can issue.
It ended as a statement, bold, authoritative and lasting.
It was the Cronkite that viewers revered: friendly, unpretentious, authoritative and well-prepared.
They will give you an authoritative answer from their perspectives.
It is hard to be authoritative when the authors cannot agree.
Although journalism is often authoritative, it is often compiled on the run.
Before that, his only hint of precocity had been his authoritative war with jigsaw puzzles.
Neither has authoritative leaders or a formal hierarchical structure.
It offers a way to find people who are particularly authoritative in certain domains.
The scientists are creating the authoritative but flimsy excuses to hide these structures as anything but impact structures.
To a remarkable extent they dispensed with authoritative prior wisdom and looked for contemporaneous proof and demonstration.
Apart from that stroke of bad timing, this authoritative reference book rides the espionage headlines exceedingly well.
They may not be relied upon as authoritative interpretations.

Famous quotes containing the word authoritative

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