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The director said he had coped with the authoritarian environment of his childhood by living in a world of fantasy.
The authors reveal that spanking and other authoritarian methods work against this process.
The group owns the individual; music to the ears of every authoritarian in the world.
It is there to neutralize and paralyze this state which is too strong and too authoritarian.
They also accuse him of using authoritarian tactics to stifle dissent.
Cracks are appearing in the authoritarian structure.
Simple definition, authoritarian governments tell you what not to do.
We try to find that reason and deal with it on a human, not an authoritarian level.
The first step is in admitting to being an authoritarian.
He allied himself with the church to organize society on a hierarchical and authoritarian structure.
Your socialism is not an economy and as a government, socialism is authoritarian, it does not work.
Authoritarian rulers do not want the population educated and informed.
The latter perceive the former as stodgy, authoritarian and boring.
There is a large measure of freedom from the authoritarian chain of command.
It's also more authoritarian--it can dictate changes from the top.
So it's completely not open to authoritarian override, in a sense, and it's not culturally variable.
So you search for and find another absolute authoritarian belief system into which you can hide and lick your wounds.
It may change in time and could become less authoritarian than it has been.
Admit that it is somewhat of an authoritarian stance to take though.
In fact, he even refused to sign a paper dismissing astrology, as he believed it to be authoritarian.
His work over the previous decades had given him an intimate understanding of war zones and authoritarian regimes.
Volunteers have replaced the authoritarian government.
Diamond makes clear that both authoritarian and participatory systems have led historically to sustainable ends, or to collapse.
They seek authoritarian control over those whom they do not consider part of the mainstream or sufficiently patriotic.
Political authority, even in an authoritarian polity, requires some legitimacy.
The leading political parties negotiated with the military council over the authoritarian and opaque election law.
But there aren't always clear ways to establish, prove, or disprove political trust online for citizens of an authoritarian state.
The isolation and severe climate well suited the penal needs of an authoritarian state ruled by a czar.
It was a simple, stark picture of some future authoritarian society.
Its economic prosperity was foiled by the traditional authoritarian structure of the ruling elite.
Investment funds run by authoritarian governments sound scary.
Authoritarian regimes, even if friendly, should be nudged towards reform.
It is possible to grow rapidly as an authoritarian country.
But this does not mean that all other authoritarian regimes will follow the same path of gradual suicide.
We get a lamentable amount of authoritarian police state infrastructure and activity.
But in the longer run, material development will suffer if authoritarian habits turn into tyranny.
But that same authoritarian government seems unable to exercise the same discipline as an independent central bank.
The authoritarian regimes have deep-seated motivation for pursuit of rapid economic growth.
The two countries' semi-authoritarian leaders seem to prefer process to results and have done nothing to prepare people for peace.
Reinforcing that state power is consistent foreign support for the authoritarian regimes, driven by security concerns.
Walrus, you want simple and authoritarian solutions to complicated issues.
But it shouldn't compound them with authoritarian jurisprudence.

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