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New concerns about the authenticity of old wines were raised again this week.
But music archaeologists often question the authenticity of such performances.
Arguments over history and authenticity would be honed further by the fourth great migration.
But the research has received mixed reactions from area paleontologists, with some doubting the tracks' authenticity.
New salvos regarding its authenticity now come from both sides.
Any light on its authenticity and does it have collectable value.
The e-mail's authenticity could not be independently verified, but the site is no longer working.
Our annual surveys rate places according to how well they maintain their authenticity.
There has to be authenticity in reporting on such crucial and sensitive issues.
It is unrivaled for the power and authenticity of its story.
These traditional auctioneers see that all pieces are vetted for authenticity before being offered for sale.
Mission-driven firms build their brands on authenticity.
K-G brings to the forefront nothing less than authenticity.
One ledger book has garnered particular interest because its authenticity has been questioned.
While many readers celebrated his insider's view of the impending war, others wondered about his authenticity.
Each profession requires a different instantiation of the idea of authenticity.
Each handsome globe comes with a certificate of authenticity.
Karaoke and authenticity can sit well together, but it takes artistry to make that happen.
All of this discussion about the authenticity of a school is absurd.
Apple has not commented on the authenticity of the e-mail.
They each come with a certificate of authenticity imprinted on a plastic credit card.
If only authenticity were the reason the musicians are wearing their own shoes.
Most agree about the region's intact cultural authenticity.
The lumps can be wrapped in fig leaves for added authenticity or for easy distribution.
Since then, some even more catastrophic things have happened in terms of the authenticity of the sites.
There are several reasons the quest for authenticity has lagged in theater.
Emphasis at his eco-lodge is on sustainability and authenticity.
But today's audiences can smell the lack of authenticity.
Both its form and its subject matter display a no-nonsense authenticity which deserves to be prized above all else.
Artists and conservationists also struggle with how vital the original playing equipment is to the authenticity of a piece.
They regard personal revelation not as an incursion of privacy but a marker of authenticity.
Mere labels, which are easily counterfeited, are not powerful enough to guarantee authenticity.
In each of the foregoing lists an effort has been made to exclude all items of doubtful authenticity.
In the realm of big-time sports, he was regarded as a stalwart of integrity and authenticity.
Even in politics, voters seem to flock to people who consciously project a veneer of authenticity through practical skills.
The weirder strain of criticism concerns authenticity.
The first is used to lend authenticity, and only works when the author explicitly names the source being quoted.
So as a product moves through the supply chain, it'd be checked for authenticity every step of the way.
The point of the exhibition was to reveal the fine line between genius and imitation, authenticity and fakery.
Privacy and authenticity technologies are key to reliable and trustworthy social and business interactions over networks.
City-sleuths will be rewarded by the intimacy and authenticity of these insider spots.
Second homes and nonlocal workers in the hospitality industry have begun to threaten the authenticity.
Their power lives in their authenticity and their mute, unchanging simplicity.
The historic brand derives its success from its image of tradition and authenticity.
They want the idea of integrity and authenticity and honesty.
Still, even with her, authenticity was occasionally disrupted.
Everything remains unhurried, and there is the same sense of uncontrived authenticity.
To ensure authenticity, the hologram can be reviewed online.
The authenticity of the videotape could not be confirmed.
He confirmed the authenticity of the memo but declined to comment.
The show's aura of authenticity also provides eerie parallels for the actors, who prefer not to discuss them.
Therein lies its genius, and its uncanny authenticity.
Or maybe he was going for back-to-the-source authenticity.
But authenticity is a slippery topic to raise in this discussion.
Much depends on your belief in the authenticity of these objects.
Whatever this costs the film in terms of authenticity, it contributes obvious and welcome verve.
And, yes, this shift to authenticity will take getting used to and will elicit cries about lost privacy.
Tags will certify the origins and distribution of food and the authenticity of medicines.
If secrecy is one obsession, authenticity is another.
His music managed to retain its authenticity, its soulfulness, even as it ventured further into pop.
He brought a tortured authenticity to many of his acting roles, an almost surreal intensity to the films he directed.
So the threat takes on increased authenticity and legitimacy, and the cycle continues.

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