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Example sentences for austerity

There is no evidence of austerity, no look of miserliness.
The paleness of his countenance bespoke the austerity of his life.
The new regime imposed iron austerity and crushing taxes.
But it doesn't sound like there is any intention of having this be a short-term austerity measure.
Faculty morale has been hurt by colleges' austerity measures, even if professors still have jobs.
The social life of postwar London was considerably dampened by the austerity and continued rationing.
We have been indoctrinated that in a crisis, austerity is the correct approach, even if we don't like it.
Solving this problem will require domestic austerity and a move toward trade surpluses.
The modern market surges and thrives on scarcity and austerity.
This week a general strike was called against budget austerity.
Such people appearing at a picnic color the entire scene with the blue light of their austerity.
It might be partly owing to the studied austerity of her dress, and partly to the lack of demonstration in her manners.
And the demands for austerity coming from abroad are even louder.
We had a debate about whether governments should respond to recessions with deficit spending or austerity.
Or leaders may realise that the prospect of years of austerity is stirring bad blood.
But the main culprit is a collective, premature shift to fiscal austerity by governments.
Fears about the global economy have slowed business investment, and all levels of government are bent on austerity.
As a result governments are forced into austerity programmes, against the wishes of their electors.
The poll shows clear support for austerity over stimulus in the rich world.
Parliament had approved an austerity budget less than a month earlier.
And that is what is going on with the euro, where a stress on demanding austerity has eclipsed the need to boost confidence.
They also took a while to adapt their good-time economic message to the language of public austerity.
Their prescription for a weak economy is a large slug of austerity.
In an age of austerity, every million dollars counts.
Since reform tends to require lubrication, opening up the public services at a time of austerity was always likely to be tough.
It chastised governments for their inadequate response and their misguided obsession with austerity.
The next step for the new austerity measures is implementation, and that may face strong opposition as well.
The president isn't responsible for this era of unprecedented and self-inflicted austerity.
They're more likely to see a contraction that could come in the form of austerity, layoffs, or reining in of capital investments.
That's why last week's agreement leans on austerity for the weakest countries.
The political consensus in favor of the necessary austerity remains weak.
Demonstrators clash with police over new austerity measures.
Pension reform is part of the austerity measures the country is undertaking to reduce the government deficit.
Our challenge is to maintain and even improve services in a time of fiscal austerity.
Cutting back such programs to prove austerity to members is a huge mistake, he notes.

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