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Example sentences for austere

But in austere times, even the rich and famous dial it down.
It was after dark by the time Waldo returned to the cinder-block cabin that, all winter long, centered his austere homestead.
The writing is austere, studied, abstract but intelligent withal.
Beyond that, he's not planning on any big changes in his austere lifestyle.
In the past I was very good about working within an austere food budget.
Just a few steps away upstairs, her writing studio is neat and austere.
Decades ago a public library was an austere place, about as lively as a cemetery.
The film has an austere style you don't expect with that content.
The interior is a bit austere.
Once town and gown kept to themselves, and the place was beautiful but austere.
The pies' dark crusts have an irredeemably doughy chew, and their filling is austere beef without a hint of spice.

Famous quotes containing the word austere

A broad consensus exists that Lincoln was more eloquent than Davis in expressing war aims, more successful in communicat... more
Our friendships hurry to short and poor conclusions, because we have made them a texture of wine and dreams, instead of ... more
A self-denial, no less austere than the saint's, is demanded of the scholar. He must worship truth, and for... more
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