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Example sentences for auspicious

It's been an auspicious morning for the new facility.
The builders also believed the numbers nine and five to be auspicious.
She also advises couples wishing to set an auspicious wedding date.
The timing was auspicious.
But the latest signs are less auspicious.
This is Monday, considered an auspicious day for weddings.
Despite a highly theatrical and overly protracted finale, this is an auspicious beginning for a fledgling series.
Her voice, strong and fearless, promises much; hers is a truly auspicious debut.
It was shown on Saturday, the last day of the competition, which is often the event's least auspicious slot.
The year got off to an auspicious start.
The towering image is an auspicious sign for the half a dozen couples who eagerly wait their turn for a consultation.
The wait may be a bit longer because of the glitch, by the new arrival date seems auspicious.
Negotiations were a device for delaying action until the moment was auspicious.
In a weak economy, they're divinely auspicious for cash-strapped families.
Among historians of science, that's what is known as a rollicking and auspicious start.
The real problem in commercial property in much of the rich world is the vast number of properties in less auspicious locations.
He hopes to change that-and in the matter of new anti-cancer drugs, the science is looking auspicious.
He did not think his arrival there auspicious, for on the waterlogged crossing he recorded losing ten shirts and six nightshirts.
The long-term matrimonial odds had never been terrifically auspicious.
For the provocative characters are thinned to fit the pointedly auspicious canvas.
But one of the city's municipal courses was the home of an auspicious moment in the career of one of golf's legends.
Hardly an auspicious start to finding an agreement to avoid a government shutdown, with another deadline now two weeks away.
So again, let me thank you for the warm hospitality and the discussions that we've enjoyed on this auspicious occasion.

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