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Attending an opera performance is as much a visual experience as it is aural.
Identifying birds in the dark is obviously an aural process.
While the visual aspect is stunning the aural aspect is a cacophonous mess.
The surround sound was good but no aural nirvana.
Your only aural clue is beeping at 9300 rpm as the computer's about to shut the engine down to save it.
To this day, I have trouble staying awake for what is basically aural material.
Movement is the sole determinant in translating and producing aural information.
It offers a kind of aural collage of the fractious and volatile political environment here.
Rock stars also enjoy a rush that comes with getting instant, aural feedback.
It's not an ambulance, whose aural signature Paul would recognize.
The distractions, visual and aural, are impossible to block out in any sort of an open environment.
Participate in teaching and coordination of core undergraduate theory and aural training courses.
Verbal, visual, and aural sources from dozens of cultures crowd the screen of anyone enrolled at a university.
He also began hearing unlikely oscillations in the ringing: aural hallucinations.
Then an aural nightscape of crickets and the loud croaks of a frog, precisely over there.
It's there and gone, there and gone, revealed and concealed as if by a sort of aural strobe light.
Poetry is an aural medium, and thus ideally suited to radio.
Tinny, distorted highs and crunchy lows makes for an awful aural experience.
Aural perception is a key factor in how well a recording comes across.
Subjectively, the ear-tickling aural pleasure of sounds returned.
Strange sounds and music and words in several languages form a haunting aural backdrop for this voyage.

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