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Example sentences for augur

Increases in temporary workers and the work week typically augur growth in permanent staffing.
The big driver is rising buyer sentiment, which could augur more robust retail sales than predicted.
Gun battles in the capital do not augur well for the next round of voting.
If so, that would augur well for technology and electronics stocks, particularly smaller ones.
But such a picture does not augur well for consumption.
Such restraint, even if sensible individually, does not augur well for the gross domestic product.
That does not augur well for retail prospects.
In eyeballing the new books, we noted authors in each of the preceding "categories" whose books would seem to augur success.
These strong fundamentals augur well for property owners.
It is an augur of time and occasion.
With a booming world economy, such advantages augur well for growth.
Shown are the average-size sundial, augur, and wentletrap in relation to an average-size paperclip.
Sustained high water levels in both areas augur ever growing damages over the coming weeks and months.

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