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The auditorium, band room and choir room are off limits because they have been condemned.
But she displays more than ample panache under the bright lights of a basketball court or an auditorium.
The scientists in the auditorium regarded her as they would any other rare phenomenon, with a mixture of awe and skepticism.
Until nightfall, when lights come up on stage and auditorium equally, there is no artificial lighting.
The air in the auditorium smelled faintly of burnt herbs.
Their homes were destroyed, so they are sleeping in the giant auditorium at the evacuation centre.
After a few group shots, all of us went into a big auditorium for a presentation by some notable explorers in residence.
They trickle in to the auditorium for one of the community's seemingly endless fund-raisers.
So they pinched some profits from their gallery, rented the school auditorium.
IT wasn't the coldest thing that ever happened in this auditorium.
The commencement ceremony is held in the basketball auditorium of the local high school.
Wheeler presided at to-night's meeting in the auditorium.
Perhaps they were in the school gym or auditorium, a long hallway, or a valley.
Crowds of people, stretching several blocks back, are converging on foot towards an auditorium in the south of the city.
Afterward, there was a surprised buzz in the auditorium as listeners confessed to loving a sometimes furiously dissonant piece.
The flames were already beginning to enter the corridor through the loges from the auditorium.
No other kind of film offers that same mysterious anticipation as you head into a darkened auditorium.
About then, people began to walk out of the auditorium and cluster in the lobby.
The lecture was given in a large auditorium, with a raised lectern separated by some stairs from the seats.
If you have a question about our auditorium programs, please read through the list of commonly asked questions.
It was in this structure, intended to replace the original open-air auditorium, that the revival meetings were held.
They're buzzing as they pour into the auditorium, but the star they're seeking doesn't exactly get recognized on the streets.
Two meeting rooms and an auditorium are available for guests traveling for business.

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