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The audio quality of different devices and approaches varies widely.
Add audio captions to travel photos and mementos by using this innovative digital recorder and playback device.
It was a beautiful day, good for pictures and video, but windy enough to interfere with audio recording.
The bedside panel also controls home security, lighting, and audio.
You'll also need audio sources of your own to add to what you use of the original mix.
It first locates the sources of the audio and then separates the sounds with computational filters.
It's a problem that plagues audio on tablets as a whole.
Cheap audio storage combined with searchable audio files could make reading and writing specialties.
Can listen to instructor-led audio workout routines via proprietary memory cards.
Audio forensic examiners are asked to authenticate recordings presented as evidence in criminal and civil court cases.
The audio walking tour is available as mp3 files, which can be downloaded separately or as a set.
The audio files are larger, and therefore, the number of audio issues that can be stored on your device is limited to four.
But they soothe your nerves even when unplugged from an audio source.
Hear audio recordings of humpback whales and read interviews with the scientists who study them.
The the unique visit is self-guided with audio headsets.
Interactive narration, along with audio pronunciation and vital stats.
We had a great day touring the ruins and my companion rented an audio tour.
Students learn how to use digital video, audio, and photo equipment.
Some record lecture audio, and claim to listen to them on their iPods.
The roughly three-foot-tall robots can maneuver, recognize speech, and display facial gestures as they broadcast audio.
Sometimes the audio would cut out as well, which made it harder for them to concentrate.
It combines video and audio recording with collection of environmental data such as depth, temperature, and acceleration.
For some audio examples of birdsong dialects, click here.
Connects to larger sound systems via audio out jack.
Not entirely, however: the audio-out port has been combined with the audio-in port.
Audio port emits buzz when the screen switches modes.
Now, you zoom the audio in to hear what the players are saying to each other, despite the din.
Extra audio ports only accessible through included dongle.
Syncing stinks, battery life is anemic, and audio is as mellifluous as a blender filled with tenpenny nails.
But speaking of realism in movies, it seems radio astronomers really don't take audio seriously as a representation of data.
So they got into their scuba gear, dove in with their audio equipment, and started playing the sequence.
Let's say you sought the ultimate ergonomic office chair, or a device that redefined portable audio.
New technology will allow high-quality audio in a virtual world.
It can tune in to a radio signal and play the audio through an external speaker.
Additionally, the program itself doesn't store raw audio clips.
The robot consists primarily of a flat screen monitor, with audio and video recording equipment.
These computer files are known as mp3 files, an audio encoding format.
What the crew didn't realize was that federal authorities bugged the place with audio and video equipment.
It allows you to use audio and video content to supplement your entries.
Interact with the media center's podcast, audio feeds and photo gallery section.
All audio material on our web site includes transcripts.
Wrapper file format that can incorporate an audio bitstream with other data chunks.
Audio and video news releases on a wide variety of health care topics.
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