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It is a community event in which the audience joins in singing, clapping and dancing.
The potential value is that an event that many might miss because they were not able to catch it live might now find its audience.
For emerging cooks, these are part recital and part art happening, a chance to dazzle an adventurous and demanding audience.
He tried to take questions from the audience.
You can select what best suits your audience.
My work began to attract an audience.
Deadpan allows the audience to imagine your reaction.
We think it's a great fit with our primetime audience and our brand.
Yet for close on 90 minutes he held his audience spellbound.
The show is taped in front of a live studio audience.
Do you consider the audience part of the performance? .
His sister needs no encouragement to make up stories -- usually involving princesses -- but she appreciates an audience.
Papayas' growing presence in the market is evidence that they've seduced a good share of their audience.
As for my two barking dogs at the base of the trees, they see them as more of an audience than a threat.
Normally what follows is a brief period for questions or comments from the audience.
Try to stay in touch with your audience, but don't try to decide the success of your talk while you're still giving it.
At the end, questions from the audience will be invited.
Take these practices seriously and try to observe the points where audience members look bored or confused.
Promote your college or university's goals and accomplishments to the largest audience of key decision makers in higher education.
Some audience members also lamented the lack of financial support for foreign-language programs on college campuses.
As a result, my students ended up writing for a much bigger audience.
With the minimum of research you will avoid the mistakes that come with not knowing your audience.
The effects of terrorism depend completely on the psychology of the audience.
The point of doing this is not only self-promotion but to create a wider audience within which to discuss your ideas.
My attempt at humor had a small audience: fellow grad students in the rhetoric-and-composition program.
Vote now and help our online audience pick the best pIt's your turn.
In fishing circles, talk of the big ones always garners an audience.
The type of data, audience, and geographic area represented are some of the factors that affect this decision.
When making a map, it is important to keep in mind the purpose and audience for the map.
The sharks aren't shy, and don't seem to mind the audience.
Now in release, the film has been an audience favorite at film festivals.
Exactly who was the intended audience for such propaganda is still disputed.
The goal is to reach as wide an audience as possible.
Endangered languages that may have never been heard outside of a remote village can now reach a global audience.
The presenters were successful at retaining the audience's attention and keeping everyone engaged.
Have them perform the song while showing different parts of their quilt to the audience.
Each is organized a little differently and is aimed at a different audience, but there is a lot of overlap among them.
The con-the big con, especially-is an entire theatrical orchestration for an audience of one.
Not strong enough to reach the stage, the flash in the audience highlighted the back of about thirty rows of heads as well.
The people in the audience are actors and entertainers also, but they are looking at him with pride as they applaud.
The audience is anyone who has some small knowledge of biology, ecology, and evolution.
Most excitingly, there will be an increasingly rich dialogue between the artist and the audience.
We have really liked that a younger audience is using the app to capture modern history.
We have found that a lot of the younger artists working now were audience members in the earlier festivals.
It was also clear that this did not greatly matter: the real audience was elsewhere.
If content industries overplay their hand, they could end up alienating and losing much of their audience.
By appealing to a wider audience, they were able to increase their circulation and hence their advertising revenue.
The potential audience for independent films is thus dispersing beyond the places where independent cinemas are concentrated.
Where there is a receptive audience, anything is possible and the truth malleable, as long as the result is a raucous ovation.
Technology has enabled well-informed people to become even better informed but has not broadened the audience for news.
As with mobile phones, one attraction for developers is the potential size of the audience.
Some of the audience struggled to make sense of the rollercoaster-ride of disconnected themes and motifs.
If television becomes too dull, that show would lose its audience.
Advertisers believe that about half of all traditional advertising does not reach the right audience.
Advertisers are hoping to reach this audience now and secure it for the future.
If there's a visceral, cinematic thing happening that the audience likes, they don't care if it goes against what's likely.
These three audience members were chosen pretty much at random.
The goal of almost every comic is to find a comedy voice-a specific point of view that an audience can latch onto.
And it worked-he reached his audience, and people got the full experience of his mind and personality-but you had to be there.
The best way to prepare for a talk is to get to know your audience.
Considerate and polite behavior by each member of an audience is the same everywhere.
There was a feeling of disgust manifested by the audience to find that he had come to life again.
The press, instead of displacing the orator, has given him a larger audience and enabled him to do a more extended work.
The solid grounds, therefore, of his romance were partly wasted upon an audience not competent to recognize them.
The degree of necessity will vary slightly with the mental state of the audience for whom a book is intended.
The effects of tragedy, pity and terror, become more vivid because the sufferers are made of the same stuff as the audience.
He was always resorted to by a numberless audience of all ranks, though principally of the poor.
Domestic sentimentalism of course still walked its everlasting way of tears with an abundant audience.
Finally poets and arts administrators should use radio to expand the art's audience.
And second, you are not giving a good talk, and your audience wishes it would stop.
Based mostly in universities, these groups have gradually become the primary audience for contemporary verse.
The lecture was so powerful that three people in the audience fainted.
Many moderates in the audience expected a conciliatory speech pledging party unity.
Obviously the need for it there was coupled with the talent to produce it and a favorable audience to receive it.
And so it introduced pro football in a particularly exciting and dramatic way to a vast audience.
Squeezed into seats, or pressed against shoulders on an open floor, an audience shares the space and the music.
He had been asked many times to speak to a certain audience, but had always begged off on the basis that he had nothing to say.
By directing his gaze to his right hand, he diverts his audience's attention from his left hand.
Television advertisers will pay immense sums of money to ensure a captive audience.
Specifically designed for the mobile audience, it's convenient and easy-to-use.
Any other information that you think would make the article interesting to our audience.
Speaking before a packed audience, he encouraged continued investment in and development of new technologies.
Many in the audience chuckled at the automated faux pas and shook their heads.
Watching hour-long research lectures might sound tedious, but the presenters find creative ways to keep the audience engaged.
The reason may be due to the fact that some percentage of the movie going audience may be in the process of quitting.
He did this because if he didn't relieve the tension at acceptable places, the audience might laugh at inappropriate times.
When the dolphins finally show themselves, they swim close to the boat, arcing through the air and playing to their audience.
But it's so ugly, said an architect in the audience.
Another trigger that can engage the choking mechanism is too much audience support.
Add a third dimension and suddenly you can step off into the audience.
Before they go onstage, one or two other comedians who really are funny are sent out to warm up the audience.
The moment you try to be someone other than who you truly are, you lose your personal connection with the audience.
It's a new way of getting published and getting even closer to your audience, and there's some wonderful stuff out there.
The writing is engaging and should find an important audience.
The best defense against this anti-science offensive is to make sure that the correct message reaches a wide audience.
Yet as he began to talk about his ideas, he found a receptive audience.
The audience even hears the sound follow the performers as they move back and forth across the stage.
The company is running a deficit and has an old audience.
They are not poems that would read well before an audience of millions.
Record companies have agreed to think that the older audience is their pot of gold.
When she reappears without the suit, she suddenly has her audience's attention.
Still, a close relationship with one's audience has its drawbacks.
There were three backstage photos, together with a series of pencil sketches made by an artist in the audience.
To see the characters without masks makes the masked faces of the audience feel more theatrical than those of the performers.
The second relies on audience profiling using panels of consumers.
The audience ranks among one of the largest in broadcast television-and it is hellbent on ferreting out the results.
The irony of the moment prompted audience mockery that set the tone for the rest of the interview.
Another audience member asked the panelists how to encourage children to grow up thinking innovatively.
Local news outlets have struggled, particularly online, an environment that's increasingly oriented toward a global audience.
That's a significant difference that ought to make these effects accessible in an entirely new way to a much broader audience.
Anything that is digital, from software to music, can reach a much broader global audience.
Before performing the piece, she sang those songs for the audience in an untrained but clear voice.
But this process is entirely intuitive, based as much on gut feel as on a good understanding of the dynamics of the audience.
The problem went beyond cheating, he told his audience.
It's more importantly about being able to present ourselves in multiple ways depending upon the venue, conversation and audience.
One of the reasons mod chips exist is because the console developers are not meeting the needs of their audience.
So you would think, when the audience is family and friends, nerves take a hike.
The question is whether the host or writer can establish and maintain a relationship with an audience.
Rather than dominate a crowd, they conspire with the people in the audience.
Mailer asked for five minutes to address the audience.
At the end, during the applause, he turned around and faced the audience.
One by one, the members of the audience begin putting on their coats.
The producers used their traditional casting formula to appeal to a broader audience.
You're doing these horrible things, and yet the audience senses there's a light on in your skull.
It's how you interpret the story, so it's kind of fun and it doesn't underestimate the audience.
The key to satisfying your audience is to understand what they need.
At first you give the audience a pill that tastes good.
And spreading basketball gospel to a global audience.
After a concert, the band is drained and the audience is drained.
And he set up an altar call for his audience, letting them know exactly what they could do as well to stand up to the powerful.
He published forty books, and lectured before almost every kind of audience.
Again and again he devised perilous situations for himself to survive and his audience to gasp and shudder at.
The poems were composed as songs to be heard, not read, by an audience as illiterate as the poet himself.
What he did with an imaginary audience he could do equally well with a real one.
When he had finished reading these words the audience of about a thousand people interrupted with applause.
Once upon a time popular science was the attempt to explain the achievements of scientists to a broad audience.
The financial disaster was mirrored in the station's declining audience.

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