audibly in a sentence

Example sentences for audibly

The patient began to talk, first mouthing single words and then progressing to speaking short phrases audibly.
They study in the presence of siblings and family life going on audibly around them.
Even if your phone audibly goes off, you're out and you turn in what you've finished.
It audibly, palpably clicks when you press down anywhere on it.
The pork chop was audibly juicy with a tenderness that had us gnawing to the bone.
The wind picked up, and the rusted girders of the mill groaned audibly under their cover of vines.
Of course, by this time he's choking on water, and the bells on his skin are beginning to ring audibly.
He breathed audibly, glared at the reporter and stayed silent for several seconds.
He breathed audibly, glared at the reporter and stayed silent for several seconds.
Not crying audibly, but tears flowing freely while my body was racked with convulsions.
Alarms can be setup to sound audibly or control relay contacts for high product levels, high water levels and tank leaks.
Scientist for a long time thought that elephants did not communicate audibly with one another.
The system will audibly verify the voter's selections and give the voter the opportunity to change them.
The console was also modified to audibly differentiate incoming calls from internal calls.
So, watch your language, speak audibly and loud enough for the interviewer to hear you.
Students wait to be called on, speak audibly and ask questions.
All statements and communications by counsel will be clearly and audibly made from the counsel table.
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