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At that point their chanting became audible in the conference room but wasn't loud enough to disrupt the closed-door proceedings.
During the audible periods these two are heard whispering to each other.
That is, it was actually audible in the air right around the water where the whale was singing.
His weak voice was barely audible in the room.
In recent years, its voice has been barely audible.
Holt's voice is barely audible, for he speaks in somewhat of a whisper.
His voice reciting a prayer was barely audible.
The sound of the economy crumbling this year has been audible in even the most remote precipices of the ivory tower.
He is truly a voice of reason audible above the roar of the mob.
Laughter is audible from inside the vehicle after the garage door closed.
The oohs and ahs were audible.
The mice sounds were not audible without technical amplification.
The device picks up the high frequency echolocation calls of nearby bats and runs them through a buffer to make them audible.
Silence nothing was audible except for the wind, the breathing, the space and the echo of silence.
Throaty utterings audible at close range may introduce the next phrase.
Though these calls are above the limits of human hearing, electronic bat detectors make them audible to us.
The shift happened so fast it came with an almost audible crack.
There were some audible sighs at points when the speakers paused for spontaneous applause.
The only proof that a sound is audible, is that people hear it: and so of the other sources of our experience.
The beam consists of ultrasound waves, which humans cannot hear, but which can emit audible tones as they interact with air.
When the filtered version of each speaker is played back, only a few sounds from the other speakers are audible.
Bats judge how far away a moth is based on the time delay between making the cry and its audible return.
Another example is unconscious processes of the brain, such as visual and audible processing.
Thus, it responds to the resulting cascade of communications failures by creating a series of audible alerts.
In such cases, the guitar starts vibrating excessively at a particular frequency and this vibration produces an audible tone.
He pierced the emblematic or spiritual character of the visible, audible, tangible world.
From the high bank a broad landscape opened before him, the sound of singing floated faintly audible from the other bank.
In some of her parts there is a kind of audible creaking of the machinery.
Swayed and sighed overhead in scarcely audible whispers.
By adding parts from radio transmitters, he was able to make such changes audible as warbling, whistling tones.
Even a single packet of interference is enough to produce audible disruptions for a microphone.
Later this year, those same phones will emit audible alerts sent out by the company and tailored to people's needs.
The room starts to buzz with the sound of their audible adoration.
Hayakawa says that the meaning of audible words and utterances are the situations in which they have previously been used.
Audio sans the noise canceling is weak sauce, and the unit creates audible white noise while it's in use.
When she recounts her months in captivity, she casts her dark eyes to the ground and speaks in a barely-audible whisper.
The base of the unit includes an audible alarm that's triggered when surges occur.
The preliminary flourish was so discreet as to be barely audible.
Considerable sustained purring ought to be audible around town this morning.
It is a technique admirably suited to the audible screen.
The heroic idiom in which his theory speaks of discovery is not audible in the poems themselves.
The sermon read out over new loudspeaker systems was audible outside the walls at a considerable distance.
Scandal represents movement, the audible cracking of the ice.
And then his little sigh of relief, suppressed but audible.
In the final moments, heavy footsteps are audible offstage.
The result is music with audible themes that highlight particular features of a protein.
Everything that happened in the room next door was as audible as if it had happened in mine.
For others, though, the loss is palpable as well as audible.
By granting them control over the audible world around them, the iPod allows its users to escape into their own private bubbles.
It even has an adaptive dashboard display that filters out visual as well as audible distractions.
Following the primary, a novel tone of respect was audible in their references to him.
He ought really to splutter off into the middle distance where his spluttering is no longer audible.
Her answers to my questions were terse, toneless, and barely audible.
Good, she answered in a voice that was raspy and barely audible.
The lids lifted slightly, but the voice was barely audible.
Maybe you can continue to improve this blog by making it audible.
It would have to induce vibration in some ground based object, which would convert it to audible sound.
There was no need for a magnificent bright light, audible voice, or unexplained phenomena to happen.
Were that more of the audible voices coming out of our talk-boxes speaking in such rational tones.
But crosstalk cancellation has always introduced audible spectral coloration.
He speaks at a barely audible level, having grown up in a family in which raising one's voice was considered uncivilized.
The audience hated this reply-there was a collective and audible shudder.
Buses are easy on your feet and provide informative narratives over audible loudspeakers.
Perched in her wheelchair, she gazes at him, making barely audible chirping sounds.
If players don't agree with the call, they can always audible or switch to the full playbook after any play.
It was barely audible, but the soft click-click of the keyboard in the background confirmed it.
He has a scene with a bear that got some audible gasps.
The ending is barely audible--which is probably the point.
In each case, the laughter seemed merely a bit of audible punctuation.
Teetering on high heels with a sober expression, she began and ended the performance with an audible sigh.
Presents information in more than one sensory mode, eg, audible and visual.

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