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One is a hybrid of passion and oligarchy, audacity and caution, intelligence and populism.
To have the audacity to make these conclusions with the paucity of data is what is wrong with traditional medicine.
The audacity seems symptomatic for corporations that size.
Only I have the audacity and guts to admit to it.
But the audacity of this week's bombings may cast a deeper chill.
Success is the child of audacity.
Pardon us for having the audacity to expect things to work all the time.
What has made the pirates' audacity possible is the collapse of Somalia.
The audience was roaring with laughter at its sheer audacity and outrageousness.
In the end, the simple audacity of the concept brought publicity.
He went back to school that fall with the fervor and the audacity of the converted.
His audacity is breathtaking, his imagination infectious, his humor as vicious as it is delectable.
The audacity of that guy not letting you dictate how conversations should unfold.
It was remarkable for its sheer audacity, if nothing else.
Her sweetness of tone makes it easy to miss her bleak audacity.
But they have lately mounted operations of great audacity and sophistication.
He was flabbergasted, not only by the scale of the projects but also by the audacity of their setting.
Visiting the home bases of each social clique, they are basically ridiculed for their audacity to date one another.
He even had the audacity to continue embezzling money after being confronted about his actions.
What they lacked in finesse they tried to compensate with audacity.

Famous quotes containing the word audacity

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