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Example sentences for audacious

He's very much on track for both, thanks to his most audacious performance yet in this season of triumph and controversy.
Nowhere in the world would such an audacious proposal ever have seen the light of the day.
Today the most audacious prints and jacquards are created by computers.
The idea is simple, and audacious.
The authors are audacious and specific in this crystal-ball-gazing exercise concerning the world's future.
It was an act of desecration so audacious that it traumatized the art community in the Netherlands for years.
The audacious move was met with silence.
In this audacious account, Takeda describes the miseries of his team's grueling, near-fatal trek.
Of course it's a ridiculous decision, that's what makes it so audacious and so great.
The most audacious thing I could possibly state in this day and age is that life is worth living.
Yes, you are more insecure and less audacious than your peers and have great trepidation facing the page.
To launch into audacious rapprochements and impossible implants is second nature to him.
The trip may have begun as a lark, filled with audacious pranks.
It was an audacious deadline that locals say the construction crews succeeded in meeting.
Commanders were audacious, knowing they could depend on their well-disciplined troops.
It opens the delicious sense of indeterminate size, and inspires an audacious mental habit.
In a trade in which apprenticeship is the only way to get ahead, his refusal was audacious.
Reliant on camouflage and deception, on the rhetoric of the believable lie, it is an act both audacious and self-effacing.
And from this audacious process come humans, who are themselves audacious.
Backed by this well-earned credibility, his audacious ideas are sparking fascination and taking flight.
It was an audacious stroke, if not an entirely unprecedented one.
He was no stolid merchant but an audacious risk-taker, and something of a rebel in early life.
They bespeak an audacious will to keep structural schemes and their execution mutually independent.
Now the president has won the first of those matches with an audacious checkmate snatched from a seemingly hopeless position.
It was an audacious marketing strategy, and the aggressive tactics apparently worked.
Still, army defectors and civilian volunteers are becoming increasingly audacious.
And in a way, it's kind of an audacious thing to do.
But they're also pursuing a second, more audacious course.
In a way, that was part of the paper's audacious charm.
The startup's audacious business plan had three steps.
And then he went and made something that was every bit as audacious and every bit as crazy and every bit as singular.
He was convinced that the bold new industrial age required an equally audacious style of architecture.
Dare for bold and audacious dreams, and go for them.
With both private and public-sector organizations, targeted attacks are becoming increasingly advanced and audacious.
But no one had ever undertaken the audacious feat of walking entirely across the continent.
They accomplished this by a plan that was as simple as it was audacious.
It was a bold and audacious goal, and galvanized us as a nation.

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