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It's a sort of online version of a local auction house, but one with global reach and where the sale room never closes.
He pulled out his laptop and showed us similar objects for sale on an auction house's website.
The auction list is a preliminary list and subject to change before sale day.
Rarely has an auction of spectrum been so closely watched.
Today her works fetch astronomical prices at auction.
Jennifer turned a slab of wood found at a state auction into a dining table with recycled copper pipes as legs.
The online auction house suspends a user accused of cheating its customers.
Unexpected things come to the auction block sometimes.
Cars at wholesale auction often bring less than the scrap material value of the vehicle.
Both auction houses have also put a lot of effort into advising buyers on how to improve their collections.
The socially conscious conference launches with the announcement of a partnership with the online auction site.
We still have the auction posters from the grandfathers losing their farms.
Cab drivers auction off foreigners to the highest bidders.
The online auction house pleases investors by announcing it will charge higher merchant fees for stores operating on the site.
But the wines that win the best prices at auction are those whose provenance is certain.
The circuit court ruled in the company's favor and ordered the property sold at auction.
Auction houses have their in-house insurance policies for art that they sell off.
In good weeks more than a hundred stalls used to fill the town's auction ground.
Releasing the oldest auction that is the pleasing some still renewing.
After pondering the idea, he decided that the only way to test their theory would be through an art auction.
When the auction ends, a government agent shows up and flips a coin.
Its an auction of opinions and sentiments with unbelievable offers.
To offset some of these price increases, the budget includes provisions to use some of the auction revenue for tax relief.
Only when those pieces were opened up to bidding at a public auction could you find out what their values were.
If they fail, the animals will be rounded up and sold at auction.
The economics are as easy to understand as an art auction: the rarer the item, the higher the price.
Closed opinions precluding further discoveries resembled, to my mind, a rigged auction.
In a rare anecdote, he bought a painting at auction and found that he didn't have enough to pay for it.
Companies that come in below the cap get credits, which they can sell at auction to companies that exceed the cap.
Airlines reveal quite a bit to the auction's participants.
The secondary market involves the resale of art objects, either through private dealers or via auction houses.
To compete in the auction, mobile operators have borrowed heavily, some from overseas.
What is more, the rate is almost a full percentage point higher than the one the country had to offer in an auction a month ago.
And third, many governments are likely to enjoy windfalls from the auction of third-generation mobile-phone licences.
Writer describes how the role of the auction houses in the art market has changed in the last thirty years.
From dock to auction to resale to restaurant, the price of the fish steadily increases.
Mainland auction houses have also entered the fray in the last two years.
Everything-every piece of furniture, every picture, every object-was tagged with a lot number in preparation for the auction.
If the price seems insane, it may well be, since it more than doubles the current auction record for a work of art.
They were met by their smugglers, who then set out to auction them to agents.
It had belonged to a well-known game warden before his father purchased it at auction.
Those restrictions are posted in the auction description.
The auction method of marketing is a fast-paced, exciting method of selling real or personal property.
The listing for the next auction will be posted about three days before the auction.

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