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Those attributes seem to get people to believe in him, whether in a deal discussion or while digging out of hard times.
Indeed, the ability to create a successful grant proposal is just one of the attributes of a good scholar.
No higher attributes; one sovereign law.
It looks, feels and goes the way it does because those attributes have earned it applause in the years it's been sold in Japan.
Her agent attributes this to a lack of time on Orman's part.
One of the unique attributes of dark matter is that it may not have volume only mass.
Sherwood attributes her first three online writing credits to contacts she made through the list.
Red hair or second sight would also be attributes.
Yet he brings highly desirable attributes to the ticket.
The attributes colored red are entirely optional.
Consider the attributes listed at right, then decide for yourself.
Sometimes one can think what evidences such attributes might have left if true, and maybe go check.
He attributes the damage to treasure hunters who have salvaged the wreck for artifacts.
The underlying definition of a species is a group of organisms with common attributes, capable of interbreeding.
These attributes are usually thought to be prerequisites for migration.
He attributes the boom to the area's enormous prairie dog colony.
Eco-friendly building materials include one or more attributes that promote environmental and personal health.
These attributes make them durable and dependable even in sparse mountainous terrain.
These attributes make many gazelles attractive as game animals.
Participants draw up their own criteria, and selections can be made based on anything from unique attributes to odd names.
It is indeed intended to serve as an umbrella, taking in all distinctive attributes of a place.
But shipwreck victims are case studies in the intangible attributes of survivors.
Describes the trees' attributes and range of growth.
What's more, part of the quote she attributes to the unidentified staff member is not in the source she cites.
In your novel, your character creates a list of attributes a book needs to become a best-seller.
Different faiths have, of course, different views of the divine attributes.
When a dog is used to produce multiple litters, various of its attributes enter the gene pool repeatedly.
They forget that all political systems take their attributes from the cultures to which they are applied.
He degrades body and soul by a brutish wallowing in animal matter as animal matter, deprived of its spiritual attributes.
Of course, no serious player attributes his prowess to mere equipment.
Given these attributes, it is no wonder that tuna tartare is a staple on menus across the country, but it wasn't always so.
But they did learn what attributes of their writing were seized on as childish and immature.
These were not the attributes of even a middling power.
These attributes are genetically programmed functions of normal cells that are intended to combat infection or repair injury.
Many things other than rainforests or drylands share these attributes.
Also, tuna's physical attributes are readily replicable by engineers.
These attributes won over buyers who were prepared to overlook the fact that those cars were often dull.
Understanding the markets and their attributes is not an easy task and only those who want to know it know it.
Make a list of their good attributes and determine how those attributes can be reproduced or emulated.
Each series is derived from a similar material and has similar physical attributes, such as its horizons or bands of color.
And despite their incredible physical attributes, the stars don't generate much heat.
The other suspects are described by name, nationality, physical attributes and address.
The bay is technically several small beaches, each with its own attributes.
Indeed, the show seems at times to be less of a warts-and-all portrait of a city than a showcase of its best-known attributes.
If she is so fortunate as to possess these attributes her path will have roses enough.
It has commonly cost him all his peace, and the best of his manly attributes.
Understanding of, and kind-hearted consideration for the feelings of others are the basic attributes of good manners.
He was endowed with all the attributes needed for such a calling.
These, though all necessary, are external attributes.
Of course these agreements consist of attributes expressed in double meaning or of matters of slight importance.
He relates no fact, he attributes no expression to his characters, which is not authenticated by sufficient testimony.
They observed that many tongues share grammatical structures and other attributes, bolstering the argument that speech is innate.
Two simple organic molecules that share similar attributes: they produce a high, and they are highly addictive.
He attributes this variation to cultural differences.
There is no question that these are all important attributes when making a purchasing decision.
Ironically, for both the fly and the fishing spider, the attributes that make support possible also inhibit locomotion.
Still, scenes that lack these attributes are not doomed to be forgotten.
Again, the attributes and the context of the noise matter.
The government attributes the disaster to global warming, but there's more to the story.
We are also investing in wind and solar for the attributes that they bring to the mix in zero-cost fuel, zero-emission generation.
These attributes will powerfully affect the politics that emerge in our digital era.
In addition to targeting sites by content, advertisers can choose placements on sites based on user demographic attributes.
Taken together, these attributes significantly increase fuel efficiency.
By manipulating key attributes, you can effectively change the focus of the image.
Together these attributes establish the power of a battery.
Roy combines the best attributes of both approaches, turning the home into a lab that never shuts down.
The organization's vendor neutrality and well-defined governance structure are highlighted as positive governance attributes.
We nevertheless welcome all proposals, since creativity will be one of the chief attributes of any solution.
These attributes are of course standard for noir heroes.
Despite his other attributes, which were many, objectivity was not among them.
We never clothed him with those attributes of dignity which gentlemen have accused us of ascribing to him.
Anyone could join it by exercising the two main attributes of citizenship, writing and reading.
Energy, natural optimism, the ability to be a good listener and a quick learner are important personal attributes.
There are other essential differences in the temperaments and attributes required in academic administration.
Pressure is mounting to consider instead a broad spectrum of attributes.
Extract from these stories the values and interests revealed about you and the skills and attributes you displayed.
High ratings in those categories are regarded as the core attributes of a great academic workplace.
Occasionally, a student lacks the attributes necessary to succeed in a particular program.
Those are attributes any employer values, and that are applicable to any job.
Further, the instructor should select group members such that key attributes are fairly distributed among the groups.
Those are the attributes of professors who work in education for all the right reasons.
All neurons have certain characteristic attributes: axons, synapses, and the ability to produce electric signals.
As they mature, melanocytes and nerve cells continue to share some attributes.
Evidence suggests nest temperatures affect other attributes of crocodilians.
In contrast, the newest hypothesis--so au courant it's still being formulated--attributes the bounty of species to geology.
By their powers combined, these seven attributes make a toad optimally poised to expand its range.
He attributes some of the experiment's success to the fact that it was low season for nectar.
But even they cannot be certain of what happens to us when they can no longer measure physical attributes.
But, apart from these positive attributes of the system, there is a certain unfairness to it.
Besides, since her mode of dress is obviously a deliberate choice, she obviously enjoys showing off her attributes.
The plain truth is faith sucks raw eggs when it comes to discovering attributes of the physical world.
The society that you're trying to communicate that science with is different, and requires still different attributes.
It is more than unknown, as it is completely senseless to even consider to know it or to think it, or to list its attributes.
Here's an experiment: try thinking of a song not as a song but as a collection of distinct musical attributes.
But these attributes have little to do with his success.
The report attributes the spike to treatment for obesity-related ailments such as diabetes and heart disease.
It attributes all deforestation from ranching to cattle, rather than logging or development.
He will need all those attributes in the next few months.
He attributes the earnings reversal overwhelmingly to one factor: education.
But whatever the differences, the final products will always share several key attributes.
The top personnel premiums they seek are attributes that support mental and social flexibility.
It has all the attributes of feel-good food: cheesy, creamy and familiar.
You're giving them your resume and reminding them of your strengths and attributes.

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