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In other words, if a gator and a bird have the same feature or physical attribute, the likelihood is that dinosaurs shared it too.
Schizophrenics have trouble recognizing their own actions-that is, they often attribute their behavior to an alien source.
To that writer about how to construct, source, attribute a factual article.
Minor league officials refuse to attribute the decline to a decrease in fan interest.
Bulls attribute this to global growth, especially in the emerging world; bears cite a desire for inflation hedges.
The researchers attribute the trend to a strengthening of support for science in general.
The idea is to establish an artist's “handwriting” to help experts attribute paintings.
Another frightening attribute is their ability to solve problems and evolve.
I'll properly attribute your contribution when I can properly present the news.
Aristotle defined substance as that which possesses attributes but is itself the attribute of nothing.
Kendall's knack for remaining calm under pressure is an attribute passed down from his father.
Attribution theory says that when things go well for us, we tend to attribute it to our own abilities.
Many attribute the public's disinterest to the painting's lack of narrative.
Lifeguards attribute the stinging streak in part to an unusually robust population of lion's mane jellies.
Scientists attribute these declines in part to ice cover loss caused by global warming.
Experts attribute the decline in large part to aggressive spay and neuter programs initiated by shelters and humane societies.
Some scientists attribute the overflow to volcanic vents, heating the base of the glacier and melting the bottom layer of ice.
The scientists attribute the strange behavior to the animals finding no suitable meals upon their early emergence.
Scientists attribute the figures' preservation to the site's location in an arid microclimate.
Media websites, for instance, want to be able to attribute comments and limit spam.
It has always been an interesting attribute of the system as a whole.
Use that attribute as your organizing idea in your elevator speech and résumé.
It's easy to attribute our failures of will to our biology.
And, though it has the attribute of bittersweet charm, it carries little conviction.
Experts attribute the influx of affluent residents to the rising cost of buying a home in the state.
So, unless you frequently suffer from cold ears, this is probably not a desirable attribute.
They attribute the change to successful public health campaigns, but say that drug use is still a problem.
Leading scientific hypotheses attribute the damage to a relatively small asteroid or comet.
Some excuse their re-publication without consent by pointing out they always attribute quoted materials to their authors.
Some scientists attribute this leap to evolutionary advances in cognition and memory alone.
And all three have based their campaigns on a common attribute.
The success of stuffed animals would seem to suggest that babies can attribute human qualities to non-living things.
Scientists attribute their decline partly to the destruction of forests throughout the hemisphere.
It is too simplistic to attribute this mindset to a mere fear of repression or self-censorship.
There is a fundamental difference between a simple trait such as skin color and a complex attribute such as intelligence.
Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.
His narrative is a great public performance and has the attribute of formal magnificence.
To attribute this to malevolent media is grossly to flatter our powers.
The attribute needed is the power of creativity within yourself through learning, thinking, creating and rigorous study.
The attribute required is the power of creativity within yourself through learning, thinking, creating and rigorous study.
Lots of people attribute milk chocolate's ubiquity to the proximity of a robust dairy-cow industry.
Administrators at these and other colleges attribute their graduation-rate increases to a number of factors.
Let's attribute a lot of this to more mundane behavioral tendencies.
Enforcing an immigration law, however stupid said law is, isn't an attribute of a police state.
It is not necessary to posit perfection as an attribute of a designer.
Generous observers might attribute our penchant for infighting to our commitment.
We attribute part of her cognitive decline to the effects of anoxia and hypothermia, but the manifestations of dementia are clear.
We may safely attribute these structures to inheritance.
Another attribute of the perfect guest is never to keep people waiting.
Health officials attribute the increase in part to earlier detection and better treatment.
We evolved to notice these small differences and to attribute behavior to individual characteristics.
After rating the profiles, the participants were asked to say how important they thought each attribute was in their decisions.
But these now seem to be more frequent-something its leaders attribute to climate change.
Another valuable attribute is that a futures trade is usually cleared by the exchange on which it was made.
He is uncommonly honest with himself, an attribute in a writer that is more rare than common.
Being untouched is not, in itself, an attribute worth valuing above all others.
When comparing things, they must be as similar as possible in every way but the attribute you want to measure.
The villagers attribute their fortuitous escape to divine intervention, not technology.
Adjectives can attribute type, origin, location and many other distinct qualities.
Even if in this case, why the riches still complain about the high price and attribute to the fault of emerging market.
The author highlighted the ability to ignore naysayers as an attribute.
Second, it's a little strange to attribute all of these various programmes to the administration.
In a way, this is also an attribute of a great critic.
If a writer doesn't know to ask a question, fine, attribute it to ignorance.
Hedge funds can partially attribute their success to their exclusivity.
Many researchers, however, attribute these increases to our having simply gotten better at detection.
However for every good attribute of any medicine, there is also a bad side.
And please resist the impulse to attribute crackpot theories to what has become a regrettable tragedy.
Multi-year events are not rare in themselves, and are often a defining attribute of droughts.
To attribute this is nothing less than a fabrication.
Let us not attribute anything else to empty space which is infinite void of nothing three dimensional container of mega universe.
The primary attribute of sacred things is that they may not be violated, not that they must be produced or preserved.
The object of his satire, it would seem, is our futile desire to attribute meaning to his prose.
All that may seem a lot of action to attribute to mud.
The authors attribute the disorientation to the birds inability to see the lines in the cage.
The sample size is large enough to attribute these two contrary results to lousy seeding in the middle of brackets.
None of the studies attribute any increase in road damage to more use by light vehicles.
Public-health experts and obesity researchers attribute the trend in part to kids' increasingly sedentary lifestyles.
Part of that terror may actually stem from a famous attribute of sharks: their need to keep swimming in order to breathe.
But there's one human attribute that doesn't get nearly enough attention: the ability to throw stuff really, really far.
Industry experts attribute the buzz in higher-end mowers to several factors.

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