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Example sentences for attested

As the scattered rock stars in the audience might have attested, you can't get any cooler than that.
The map at the beginning of the post shows the migrations of several historically attested people.
The first account is written in a well-attested poetic form.
Its popularity is attested by the existence of the music to which it was sung in the first half of the thirteenth century.
Yet a detail of all miracles, though authentically attested, is not the design of this work.
The same was attested by others to whom the saint had discovered this signal favour.
She gave of herself willingly, attested by her many loyal friends from whom she took great comfort and joy.
They don't, as attested by the state of economy and social development today.
Their superiority to central planning is well attested.
The dropped banners of the nations surrounding him attested the oath.
Registrants who mail in their properly attested registration statement will receive a certificate of registration by mail.

Famous quotes containing the word attested

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