attenuate in a sentence

Example sentences for attenuate

Even as the available endorphins attenuate, the memory is right there.
They will attenuate rights and still call them rights.
Four separate tone controls permit you to boost or attenuate any frequency range or combination of ranges.
Such statements not only mean little, but also attenuate the reader's interest in a potentially fascinating subject.
But we are fighting to eliminate, or at least attenuate, many of them.
Previous studies indicate that both reefs and forests may attenuate wave energy by as much as 90 percent.
Yes, earplugs may attenuate the effects to some degree.
If a muscle's hyperexcitability is the basis of cramping, then stretching should attenuate the response.
Radio astronomers have realized that no practical belt of dipoles would attenuate the incoming waves to any measurable extent.
This spongy material serves in the main to attenuate the external noise.
There is also a limiter to attenuate sudden loud noises.
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