attentive in a sentence

Example sentences for attentive

The staff was pleasant and attentive.
To everyone's credit, it was one of the more attentive and polite matinee crowds I've encountered lately.
Playing and concentrating on medals can make a player be way more attentive in a match and can really benefit the team in the end.
He's charming and attentive, observant and clever — without ever seeming to try.
Not many people are very attentive.
This debut novel rewards attentive reading.
He was kind, gracious and attentive.
The Doctor, seeing his client more attentive than alarmed, was greatly surprised.
Visiting another school, Spooner and several players address attentive youngsters.
But service on the whole was more attentive than before.
Of course, the more attentive you are to their basic needs, the more rewarding they'll be to have around.
Flamingo males are both loving husbands and attentive fathers.
The more dangerous these places are, the more attentive you have to be.
Simply because a vehicle produces less noise, the fact shouldn't preclude the prerequisite for an attentive driver.
They perceive the attentive giant to be more threatening.
While woodchucks occasionally perked up to chipmunk squeaks, chipmunks were more attentive to woodchucks' high-pitched whinnies.
Both kids were attentive during the whole show and even caught many of the smaller plot points.
It requires too a more attentive and skilful management.
The opposite was true for those that had had a more attentive upbringing.
The attentive reader of the accounts has only an obscure footnote to go by.
He's charming and attentive, observant and clever without ever seeming to try.
Some methods to alleviate the pain include chewing gum, yawning and swallowing, but these require being awake and attentive.
None of their tricks would have worked if a reasonably attentive guard had been watching.
The tabby crouched on the cage's platform is fiercely attentive, as if he's not sure whether he's the hunter or the hunted.
The food appeared within minutes, and the service seemed incredibly attentive.
But the turnout on this occasion was surprisingly large and the students more than attentive.
Our waiter was attentive, but runners delivering the food hadn't a clue who had ordered it.
Science teachers were labelled attentive, dramatic, and open.

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