attention span in a sentence

Example sentences for attention span

Either technology had to improve or my attention span had to improve.
But the world has a short attention span, whereas the half-lives of many radioactive isotopes are long indeed.
We have a limited attention span, and our cognitive load is usually exceeded in every lecture or talk.
He was amazed, after starting medication, how his attention span had increased.
The public has a short attention span regarding problems of the world's have-nots, but experts are partly to blame, too.
The mechanism has more to do with vision than with cognition, such as attention span, the researchers report.
There's a time and place for everything and even children need to be able to focus and have an attention span.
More fundamentally, it is about lack of attention span.
There is also a lack of evidence that avoiding gluten boosts energy levels, improves digestion, or enhances attention span.
The nation's attention span is notoriously scattered and short.
Then again, the relative success of the essay may also have something to do with the diminishing national attention span.
In committee meetings she had the attention span of a fruit fly.
Since the attention span of busy shoppers is short, these channels differ from ordinary television.
His attention span is short, his public speaking poor.
The comandante has always had a short attention span, and is now battling cancer.
The modern spectator, whether in the ground or on the sofa, is losing the attention span to appreciate such superhuman efforts.
He is often accused of having a short attention span.
He is a political opportunist with a short attention span.
It acted by improvisation, with no clear sense of purpose or coherent strategy, and a rather short attention span.
Its a game not designed for those with the attention span of a goldfish.
We created a monster that will ultimately wear us down, given our short attention span.
The fact that your attention span is too limited to do that isn't a strength.
The short chapters appeal to the limited attention span of many of today's teens.
And it shows how sadly easy it is to take advantage of the attention span and metabolism of media today.
Though climate change awareness is up, the public has a short attention span when it comes to ecosystems it can't see.
Attention span may be tested earlier, because this fundamental skill can influence the rest of the tests.
Stroke can affect attention span and short-term memory.
Children may exhibit a shortened attention span and decreased alertness.
He still cried easily, and his attention span was so short that he couldn't go back to work.
Children could show slight deficits in attention span and learning abilities.
The aging process may slow your reflexes and shorten your attention span.
Limited attention span, poor performance at work or school.
Studies have shown that children who eat breakfast usually have a longer attention span, do better on tests and are happier.
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