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Many of them work full time, have aging parents in need of care and attention, or are parents themselves.
Items in the special collections require meticulous care and attention, and storage at the ideal temperature and humidity.
The result is to scatter our attention and diffuse our concentration.
He was full of joy and attention.
Ask students to pay close attention to the animals and their unique behaviors.
Having been a book author, she added, makes her all the more aware of how difficult it is to get attention for books.
Without sufficient funding priority, geography does not receive the attention it deserves in K-12 schools.
Considerable attention is given to the impeachment of witnesses and the rights of witnesses are well guarded.
Kosher and scenic restaurants receive special attention.
All this has attracted the attention of regulators on both sides of the Atlantic.
This is simply making the game easier to play for those that fail to pay attention and stay aware of their surroundings.
Clean design, well-defined spaces, and meticulous attention to detail make even a small corner lot seem spacious and private.
Some appear to be searching for a sense of power and achievement, or for fame and attention.
But since long cooking requires regular attention, it's not a great solution for busy cooks.
By selectively focusing a portion of the view, the columns encourage you to pay closer attention.
And that is exactly what's garnered the praise and the attention of the food press and public.
On our patio, a battalion of barbecues stand at attention, ready to fire.
And it proves again that small spaces deserve much more attention than is common.
Several disorders may mimic or accompany attention-deficit disorder.
Attention span may be tested earlier, because this fundamental skill can influence the rest of the tests.
By the utter simplicity, by the nakedness of his designs, he arrested and overawed attention.
Our attention understands immediately that it is a matter of an intentional displacement.
It was a unique piece of insolence, but nobody had noticed it as yet, the attention of the public being directed elsewhere.
The satirical element in the first and the scholarly workmanship of the second are worthy of attention.
Attention to little things render it impossible to do anything great.
The last decade of the eighteenth century witnessed an increasing attention paid to commercial and financial questions.
He made no demands of his own upon the attention of posterity.
For obvious reasons the attention is here confined to the poetical collections brought out in this country.
She recognized him, and tried in vain to rouse his attention.
Students returning to college from a withdrawal do not receive the support and attention they need.
Students there receive lots of one-on-one attention, she said, including mandatory advising sessions and intense tutoring.
For example, candidates should pay attention to the e-mail addresses that they use for submitting important application materials.
The board's actions have gotten much attention lately.
Something remarkable is happening among undergraduates that should command our attention.
Attention this past weekend mostly focused on veterans and rightly so.
Every inch was ornamented to catch the light-and the czar's attention.
Belcher's wizardry has attracted attention from the highest levels of government.
His attention to such tiny details ultimately settled the identification of the sea monster.
As you say, she was so prolific and her works garnered a lot of attention.
The extraordinary attention may entice visitors into making my mistake.
The answer returns us to the nature of information processing, and the perverse way in which the brain allocates our attention.
Only you know how much screen you need, but also pay close attention to the screen's resolution.
Witness the wave of books and essays implicating the wired world in a sudden rise in uncritical thinking and attention deficits.
Magicians have been testing and exploiting the limits of cognition and attention for hundreds of years.
Now they have all finally woken up and are paying attention.
Underlying the rationale for eye tracking is the notion that attention is central to seeing.
The phenomenon has received attention from biologists only quite recently, however.
Now a growing body of work is finding that disordered eating is connected to attention deficits and poor self-awareness.
Digital gadgets demand ever more of our attention with their rude and thoughtless interruptions.
Ocean policy and management have not attracted much national attention during the past few decades, but that may be changing.
The all too familiar sensation of stress can preoccupy your thoughts, narrowing attention to the sphere of your concerns.
Attention-focusing, measuring, counting and comparison questions are all ways of gathering observations.
Filled pauses direct toddlers' attention to new words.
What information consumes is rather obvious: it consumes the attention of its recipients.
Before, he struggled to give them individual attention.
People, more than any other primate, depend on their fellow humans to figure out where to direct their attention.
The comandante has always had a short attention span, and is now battling cancer.
Before that she had attracted rather little national attention beyond the rapt circles of the tea-party movement.
Excellent written and verbal communication skills, acute attention to detail, and the ability to work independently as required.
These quills typically lie flat until a porcupine is threatened, then leap to attention as a persuasive deterrent.
Another way to be unobtrusive is to be there long enough so that people stop paying attention to you.
Football draws as much attention lately for the knocks that players take as it does for their drives down the field.
The tape confirmed the sighting of a live ivory-billed woodpecker-and captured the attention of the world.
But the fire alarms caught the attention of koala lovers around the world.
Excellent writing and verbal communication skills, acute attention to detail, and the ability to work independently are required.
Clearly, the photographer has commanded its attention.
He plays his designated role in turn: wagging his tail, rolling on his back, panting eagerly in anticipation of attention.
The students paid special attention to the region's natural environment, as well as their own connection to the water.
The time when travelers paid little attention to the ambiance of their hotel room beyond wanting to sleep well is gone.
The photo you have here is from a scene that's gotten significant attention in the press for being inaccurate.
Too bad for us that so few of his readers-or listeners-paid attention to his liberating words.
Fish, poultry, or meat orders all get the same attention.
So concentrated is the quiet that the slow zigzag of a leaf falling from the canopy captures everyone's attention.
It takes tremendous effort to read these small magazines with openness and attention.
The commons in question here is the world's pool of attention.
Going rogue has one principal benefit: it draws attention.
Perhaps their fundamental inscrutability was actually the magic that kept people paying attention.
Today's companies must consider us to be bottomless reservoirs of attention.
Now he is turning his attention to finding solutions to today's energy crisis.
As ethanol is being used more and more for transportation fuel, biofuels have captured the attention of investors.
My dog has separation anxiety, he needs all the attention from us.
Anonymous, perhaps, but they soon caught the regime's attention.
Visa delays that often caused students to miss entire academic years drew media attention around the world.
The potential of plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles to curb petroleum use has grabbed a lot of attention lately.
Certain professionals might desire a boost in attention or memory: think of interns and residents, or airline pilots.
As major automakers turn their attention to electric cars, the company faces serious challenges.
Many automakers are spreading their attention among several options.
But the idea is attracting attention even in more urban regions.
We are of course pleased that our work has received attention and has appeared on your site.
The fact that the engine management system handles all the data means you can be warned if something is needing attention.
Not much to say except this is a hilarious production designed to draw attention to the fracking debate.
Researchers have recently started to pay more attention to how water vapor in the atmosphere is related to global warming.
The insect nervous system provides clues to attention, consciousness, and the origin of the brain.
Many everyday applications already allow you to shift attention by activating what is commonly called full-screen mode.
Our minds are battlegrounds where different media fight for attention.
Pay attention to people's reactions in the video, too.
Bank is now bringing attention to yet another problem: radiation.
Empathetic children can see how frazzled they're making their mothers and how much attention their siblings need.
When the rat it attacked, it parts these covering hairs to draw attention to its defensive ones.
Everyone who has been paying attention knows that there is a strong.
He started out studying meteoroids, but his attention soon shifted to debris from space launches.
Not many people besides physicists pay much attention to them, but that may soon change.
They struggled in stressful situations, often had trouble paying attention, and found it difficult to maintain friendships.
The challenge for anyone in show business is keeping a career afloat after the public's attention has moved elsewhere.
Even stranger is the lack of attention given to foreign affairs by the candidates themselves.
He relishes the attention, but it also unnerves him.
There's no way to join his narrative but to pay strict, rapt attention.
No other network, perhaps, has done so little to call attention to itself.
He isn't curmudgeonly about all the attention, by any means, but he is clearly more comfortable out of the limelight.
Nothing focuses the attention more than a reminder that one is speaking on oath.
He can't escape his looks any more than he can escape the attention of his fans.
The shoe and bag selection is above average, but the apparel deserves your full attention.
With such attention to detail, it's clear the people behind-the-scenes really have the concept down pat.
For civilians, not the military-not the place to go for clothes that would cinch you up and make you stand at attention.
Don would have acted neither pleased nor displeased about the attention.
She pays no attention to her kids when the cameras aren't around.
Kate got perhaps more attention than she bargained for from the coat.
But, compared with the other two, biological weapons received little attention.
It requires paying attention to which voices are and are not heard in societies.
Equally fanatical attention is paid to interior design.
There was only one thing that brought him to the attention of the nation as a future president.
Rarely does the question of the origins of human language provoke serious attention from linguists.
It is the performer, rather than the subject, to whom the audience's attention is drawn.
But before a click comes a look, and according to new research, advertisers are often wrong about what attracts our attention.

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