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By attending a nursery event, you may be selected to participate in a model design program.
It is important to note that the benefits of attending college are found both across and within professions.
Qualifying veterans receive an amount equal to the cost of attending an in-state, public four-year college.
Two of them are pretty obvious and completely unoriginal: correcting papers and attending department meetings.
In particular, it would keep certain lawfully present immigrants from attending public universities.
Alternative arrangements will be provided for candidates not attending the convention.
To make up for financial shortfalls elsewhere, students are likely to work more hours while attending college.
In fact, attending carefully to one event may actually make us less conscious of the rest of the world.
If so, you might want to brush up on royal protocol when you're attending his majesty at court.
Diet, aside from attending to the obvious issues, is laughable.
Attending to more modern objects presents its own challenges.
When you switch to a vegan lifestyle, attending parties and other social gatherings can be tough.
Now divorced, she is back home with her family and attending school again.
They spoke of their hopes of attending college, learning a trade, finding a job.
Photos in the lobby show the royal family cavorting in the pool and attending formal parties.
Concerts are held on various days throughout the summer, so check the schedule before attending.
Attending a celebration and dance that continues late into the night will leave you happy, if exhausted.
Sunlight also takes pictures of people attending public hearings so that it can identify lobbyists.
Attending a leadership programme has far more kudos than attending one on management.
Now children and teenagers are to be banned from attending prayers.
Attending conferences and seminars is not enough for their development and training.
The encounter took place outside a school where the village chief was attending a meeting.
The first was, the necessity of attending his father, and affording him the comfort of his presence.
They had all they could do attending to their own business and raising the rent.
The priests attending the chapter are required to give their undivided, unremitting, and devout attention throughout the service.
And all other expenses attending the said commissions shall be defrayed equally by the two parties.
He described attending a meeting of top officials in which the subject of global warming was discussed.
Organizing or attending protests gets fitted between flirting, studying, and holding down a job.
Attending to a sign competes with attending to the road.
For years scholars have attempted to measure the economic impact of attending a selective college versus a less selective one.
Often new consumers are lured into time share deals after being tricked into attending a sales meeting.
Attending a sporting event used to be good family fun.
Blazers give you a look of professionalism when attending a business meeting or you can wear it for a casual night on the town.
The former president's rationalization here is that he was attending to national security.
The history textbook favored by the government was heavily promoted by government officials attending the conference.
He describes reluctantly attending a football game with his father.
She was living with relatives and attending the writer's high school.
When it happens well, attending physicians and nurses are often more beneficiaries than contributors.
Her office said that a scheduling conflict had prevented her from attending.
Otherwise, they wouldn't be attending a psychic meeting.
Writer tells about following this plan and later attending the prom.
The pair become fast friends, attending a number of folk concerts and rummage sales together.
Attending school for a week without my cell phone aroused feelings of depression.
The problems attending the purchase of gasoline, and doubts about its future availability, soon affected the automobile market.
By age four and a half she was attending primary school and coming home with homework every day.
Gambling and ending up with two thousand might mean that you'll be driving a cab instead of attending school.
She, along with her husband, enjoyed attending dog shows.
That's not the same as attending this grand dinner in his honor.
He was attending a dinner party one night when an acquaintance remarked how fantastic his apartment looked inside.
We asked if some of the people attending want to be extras, and we've gotten hundreds and hundreds of applications.
We spent a day on the campus speaking to students and attending a church service.

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