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On my last flight, someone asked the flight attendant whether the flight was full.
Ineffective management leads to several drivers of reduced efficiency and attendant increases in tuition.
Seems the attendant was too lazy to provide customer service.
You're either part of the faculty guild, with attendant rights, or you're a serf.
Locust swarms devastate crops and cause major agricultural damage and attendant human misery-famine and starvation.
From then on it was understood that the brain and its attendant peripheral nerves ran on electricity.
She is described as an extremely attractive former dancer and flight attendant with long brown hair.
Instantly suspicious, the stand's attendant examined the bill.
Tea, with its subtle aromas and attendant soothing rituals, has slipped quietly into our daily lives.
It was still dark when an attendant whispered to a patient near the door.
Remembered to say please and thank you to the waitress and gas-station attendant.
While the attendant stands behind aside me, holding the tray and pail.
Then back he returns to the other, who now will not receive him with more than one attendant.
Lower prices will put mobile phones, and their attendant economic benefits, into the hands of millions more people.
Getting fuel often depends on knowing the pump attendant, since petrol is tightly rationed.
The board chairman wanted to avoid a major confrontation between the president and the board, with the attendant bad publicity.
It appears that perhaps he wanted the airport drama and attendant publicity more than he actually wanted to enter the country.
The latter problem would create a new job at each solar parking lot, for an attendant to block entry for non-elec cars.
The cruise-ship industry has mushroomed as well, with attendant complaints about crowds and pollution.
Tucker also doubts today's flight attendant will be serving tomorrow's meals.
They cannot accept the responsibility-and the attendant guilt-such a conclusion implies.
In the back of the airplane another flight attendant was on the phone.
The only facility the soviet had was an outhouse, and the pensioner was its attendant.
Unquestionably some of the problems are those attendant on any new federal grant program.
The researcher must also prove that the trout is sentient enough to suffer from the attendant pain.
And this power idea carries with it much more mischief than the threat of sudden war and the attendant necessities of armament.
Needless to say, owners won't be on a first name basis with their local gas station attendant.
No attendant dashes over to stop him, and he glories in his freedom.
And, all are subject to dose escalation and the attendant effects on one's daily activities of living, aka dependence.
The occasion doesn't promise the grim pomp normally attendant on executions.
There will be a part of me that will always miss being a flight attendant.
He had gotten a job as a gasoline service station attendant.
What does depress us about the decease of the misshapen old playground is the attendant irrevocable deprivation of the habit.
Resources that may help with ongoing attendant care needs of consumers.
National media attention, with its attendant voices of hysteria, only added to the churn.
They asked if they could take the hose from the station's automobile vacuum cleaner, but the attendant refused.

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