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Growing attendance is worsening the problem of contact between people and baboons in the park.
Thousands of people come to it and the attendance was noticeably down this year.
What made this so inappropriate was not the language so much as its bearing on certain people in attendance.
One trainee told me that three fourths of the people in attendance were either running for office or planning to run for office.
Attendance at a live sporting event, as with many things in the electronic age, is tinged with a surreal quality.
For example, we've often talked on these fora about attendance policies.
Church attendance has not been increasing, as a new awakening would suggest.
But selective auditory attendance in humans is mostly a trick of the mind.
The physicists in attendance found it one of the highlights of the conference.
The crowds stayed away, but all six of us movie mavens in attendance were enthusiastically glued to the screen.
Informs students about course requirements, evaluation procedures, and attendance policies.
At any zoo the arrival of newly loaned pandas or the birth of cubs brings surges in attendance.
Students who don't get enough sleep have poorer attendance and lower grades.
The teachers tell me that they don't have attendance problems in the week we're there.
Some high school teachers are already using handheld computers to take attendance and access students' grades and schedules.
Indeed, interest in undergraduate programmes has also sagged, even though attendance at university has soared.
Attendance at business conferences has spiked since the invention of video-conferencing.
Several in attendance repeated the president's comments to journalists waiting outside.
He remained defiant throughout, refusing to recognise the legitimacy of the court and walking out after only a brief attendance.
But attendance is falling short of the tens of thousands they expected.
Declining church attendance partly explains the problem.
Regularity of church attendance is a much more reliable predictor of voting intentions than income.
The attendance policy saves the students from themselves.
The duo expects attendance to be even higher this year, which should move them closer to making money at this.
In my department, the attendance policy is set in stone.
You're going to see attendance plateau a bit, but it's still the number one date destination.
On some rare occasions you may get lucky and have the dept chair in attendance and get the opportunity to introduce yourself.
But attendance is healthy and audiences are appreciative.
Jessica's grades and attendance at school deteriorated.
Some priests say the economic slump has improved church attendance.
Ideally, perhaps attendance could be decided by a quantum decay, so you can never be sure if you attended or not.
However, fee paying education does not seem to discourage attendance.
We've basically established attendance records in every single venue we've gone into.
The former commander-now a high-school junior-has perfect attendance.
And yet, as attendance figures suggest, none of these miseries could keep the dedicated sports fan away.
After the statue's debut, monthly museum attendance shot up tenfold.
The zoo was busy that morning with thousands of school group kids and families in attendance.
The money is designed to help cover athletes' total cost of attendance, which full scholarships do not meet.
Non-attending students are going to flunk anyway--you don't have to use attendance, they will fail the tests.
So basically, both of your children's colleges will expect that you can cover the full cost of attendance.
Under the new law, benefits to veterans would be based on a national average cost of attendance.
He also had been questioned about his lack of attendance at faculty senate meetings.
However, conference attendance is not required for consideration as a candidate for this position.
Since his election last year his attendance at city council meetings had been sporadic.
These students prefer not to be seen during regular exhibition hours, when males are in attendance.
The gender gap has disappeared in school-attendance and literacy rates.
The entire system was successfully planned and built without those in charge in attendance.
Attendance was up on last year, with more cheque-books in evidence.
Strong attendance and a dramatic revival of monasticism attest to its vibrancy.
Debates in parliament are often abandoned because of poor attendance.
Mosque attendance is monitored by the security services.
Many offer limited tutorials and even lectures, and attendance at the latter is not usually compulsory.
So far, less than one-fifth of the population attends the seminars, but attendance is growing.
The morning after his arrival, the emperor's chamberlain brought him word that his attendance was required.
The third concert of the subscription series was given last evening, and a large audience was in attendance.
Within a few weeks this department had grown to such an extent that there were about twenty-five students in attendance.
Also in attendance were two stonemasons and two carpenters, who were to see to the practical matters at hand.
Reporters literally raced around the crowded building, trying to grab comments from the world leaders in attendance.
In attendance were nearly a hundred members of a partnership that had won collective rights to ten cellular markets.
Attendance was modest-mostly friends and family of the boxers.
Workers with perfect attendance are receiving thousands of dollars in bonuses.
He invariably exaggerated attendance figures for his performances.
Far from destroying the value of sports, the attendance of spectators is often necessary to them.
Attendance has been small and it is about three million dollars in debt.
It was fall break, and there were six libertarians in attendance, down from the usual ten.
Ryan, ever the professional, noted that the jingle's author was in attendance.
The average attendance is in the twenties, all pianists.
One lady in attendance was observed slipping her ration into her handbag.
Attendance was the fifth-highest total in league history.
Suddenly, and to the collective horror of those in attendance, he began to laugh.
There was a large crowd in attendance but was a bit rough.
If you have to require attendance at the pre-launch movie night, maybe it's time to scale things back.
Hundreds of climate scientists and policy makers in attendance.
As usual, there were enough famous faces in attendance to render the stars themselves starstruck.
Regardless, it's obvious that all the characters in attendance are moving on to something.
Teachers e-mail parents, post messages for students on online bulletin boards,and take attendance with a flick of a mouse.
Commonly, two-thirds to three-fourths of the student population can be in attendance, with the others off on rotating vacations.
The attendance of these two white-haired history makers couldn't have been more poetically appropriate.
The article does not mention that some of these lectures have been packed solely because of mandatory attendance regulations.

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