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Then they attend a fair where researchers and nonprofits present problems they may choose to try to solve.
It was because their families couldn't afford everything required to attend university.
Unfortunately, there are some people who attend parties with the main intention of starting a confrontation.
The fact is that not everyone should attend higher education.
Please complete one application for each program you wish to attend with students.
Most of the kids at the party attend the same preschool.
There will always be meetings that one member or another cannot attend.
But they did not attend the hearings or read the decision.
To succeed, you must override both a normal impulse to attend to new information and curiosity about something forbidden.
Dads and moms shared their children's enthusiasm, and noisily selected events to attend.
Students also get to attend collaborative break out sessions to discuss their ideas further.
The student immediately accepted her opportunity to attend this university.
The first benefit was that healthy children are more likely to attend school and better able to learn.
During his probation he will be allowed to attend school and have a part-time job.
Even then, despite diligently applying for scholarships, he wasn't sure how he could afford to attend a four-year college.
If constantly interrupted or forced to attend meetings, they are less likely to be creative.
The top five dogs of each breed are invited to attend.
People planning on traveling to attend the launch should keep a close eye on the forecast and be prepared for a possible delay.
School groups will be the next to attend and other government officials will be allowed to visit.
If you intend to attend the meeting yourself, please approach me and introduce yourself.
Meanwhile, those unable to make the pilgrimage might attend the next-best thing.
Invite city or county officials to attend the student presentations and to help evaluate their proposals.
They are much cheaper to attend and often offer a discount for local students.
Occasions they celebrate as well as cultural events they attend are best moments to play and socialize.
He is said to attend conferences only if he is not asked to speak.
If the client is using other vendors, such as musicians, their representative should also attend the walk-through.
These clubs are also easier to attend and interaction is asynchronous.
The winner will also attend a local press conference.
He plans to attend such meetings with other companies in the future.
Challenge your inner introvert to attend the social functions.
Post a question, attend a meeting in your area, or share your opinion in on-line forums.
Many state-owned firms ordered their staff to attend.
Kids will earn a special participation badge for each event they attend.
If you want a decent seat for the saucy stuff, you need to attend the sing-along that precedes it.
Some students may be required to attend pre-programme training.
York had to have the vaccine in order to attend school.
Oh, and you've got another mind-numbing meeting to attend.
He cannot afford the ten-dollar monthly cost to attend school.
And, of course, there are the attendees who always make time in their schedule to attend and try to bring new faces to the group.
Risks attend those who question the lack of transparency.
Many heads of households have not completed school, children do not attend school and families suffer from malnutrition.
Everyone who goes to the meeting must pay a presenter fee, even merely to attend.
Maybe attend a trade school or continue in the family business.
Some can't afford it, or they live in countries where there are simply no good colleges to attend.
Many low-income students, whose parents did not themselves attend college, can benefit from extra support.
In discourse thou must attend to what is said, and in every movement thou must observe what is doing.
Would he call for our spirits this moment, they must depart from us to attend his command.
Setting raillery aside, let us attend to serious matters.
Any hearing- or vision-impaired state resident can attend for free, and from age three and up, hundreds do.
The researchers will attend scheduled science sessions and gather for countless impromptu discussions in corridors and cafeterias.
They cannot tolerate the intensity of family life, nor do they behave well enough to attend public school.
Some thirty years later, the two were able to attend the final launch as well, and recreated the original image.
Representatives of the state's judicial branch, judiciously you might say, decided not to attend the event.
Watching it didn't interest me so much as going to interview folks who decided to attend.
More often, however, you barely attend to the commercials you see.
About half the children who attend preschool are in programs that are subsidized by state or federal money.
In addition, those who attend college face the dual burden of soaring tuition bills and shrinking federal education grants.
Newt rather famously refused to attend your wedding, but he told you he couldn't make it because he was out of the country.
He should not have allowed his friend to attend certain meetings.
We learned that he might be at church and went to the church he is known to attend and found him there.
These are the folks who rush to the opening of the newest ethnic eatery, attend art movies, and listen to world music.
She says she felt uncomfortable about walking in the ceremony and so didn't attend.
He was not an engaged parent: he didn't attend school plays or tuck his children into bed.
The doctors who attend them know there are not enough organs to go around.
Published writers should attend college, then get a job.
They have developed multiple genomic mechanisms to attend to the problem.
They also differentially attend to and accept claims about politicization.
During the week prior to admission, he started to have severe nausea with frequent vomiting and was unable to attend school.
Instead, they struggle to attend to every unpleasant detail.
Aphids do not attend to leaf colour as visual signal, but to the handicap of reproductive investment.
Invitation to attend or to submit written testimony.

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