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They're willing to make second, third, and fourth attempts.
These were real attempts to explain what happened on the basis of people's actions.
Males may have an ear for such bleats and time mating attempts accordingly.
Several attempts have been made to link the world again through a global language.
As a result, previous attempts to use such a system have over-warned pilots, and thus been abandoned.
Their attempts to mount any real defense were hopeless.
It attempts to merge a business model with creative engineering to solve the widespread problem of water shortages.
But attempts to unravel that history have produced many interpretations and arguments.
Attempts to contact the powers in charge of the contest have been in vain.
Consider all the failed attempts humans made to fly by building contraptions with flapping wings.
Participants in bar fights, domestic disputes and traffic accidents may not appreciate your attempts to mediate.
It can linger for many days and defy attempts to remove it.
If exploration attempts do find the predicted oil, drilling beneath the ice poses another hurdle.
But previous attempts to find such bacteria in panda guts had failed.
Other attempts to view the ground from on high included attaching tiny cameras to kites and even pigeons.
White bears catch salmon in one-third of their attempts.
But the dolphins' contracting stomachs had stymied vets' attempts to use instruments to remove the objects.
Other cultures are not failed attempts at being you.
And of course there are the halting attempts to create ever willing romantic androids.
Other songs are willful attempts to reproduce the sounds of various instruments.
When a hungry refugee attempts to steal food off a truck, a militiaman kills him with a single gunshot.
Now the internal temperature begins to rise as the body attempts to cook away the invaders.
Equipment failures and impossible weather doomed my initial attempts to photograph these notoriously difficult subjects.
The initial attempts to explore the stomach were also frustrating.
Many of these attempts are done in a way that makes rescue possible.
Availed of a human body, it can thrive for years on end, foiling the immune system's attempts to squelch it.
But attempts to cure diabetes through transplant or regeneration of insulin-producing cells have failed.
But previous attempts to produce such strength by knocking out specific genes had stunted the plants or produced bad seeds.
The authors' earlier modeling attempts offered the first glimpses of the molecular cloud collapsing.
And so far the state's colleges have failed in their attempts to increase the number of minority students who graduate.
Attempts to rank college performance often seem to end in complaints and dissatisfaction.
True shared governance attempts to balance maximum participation in decision making with clear accountability.
State attempts to collect repayments from debtors' children.
The farmer attempts to make neither the one nor the other, but employs those different artificers.
It leaves the region of folklore and chap-book and ballad, and attempts to dramatise actual history.
He gathered diets and councils in futile attempts at reconciliation.
What might be called the juvenilia of this inscrutable mind include some attempts at verse.
These three plays are alike attempts by dramatists to put pastoral poetry upon the boards.
When the crane attempts to dance with the horse she gets broken bones.
Repeated attempts at their solution without the aid of government had left us baffled and bewildered.
Before this time, poets had made certain attempts to set forth in verse the experiences of their foreign travels.
Attempts have sometimes been made to explain the distribution of these fundamental structural features by the theory of diffusion.
Attempts to speed up planning are dividing communities-and generations.
Our first article looks at why politicians' attempts to stem the crisis are failing.
And there have indeed been attempts to create alternatives to commercial publishing.
But previous attempts to turn it into practical technology have failed.
Scientists have made several attempts to calculate, and by extension predict, how fast humans can go.
But attempts to turn his stories into movies have always fallen through.
All of these attempts were to divert flowing lava rather than to stop an eruption.
It often takes several attempts before our cooks perfect a given recipe.
Here's a great series of cartoons from around the world on the attempts to suppress the work of other cartoonists.
Obviously, the biggest reason why terrorism is so awful is due to the loss of life resulting from successful attempts.
However, repeated attempts over several months have yielded no joy.
Wild bacteria may scoff at our attempts at domination-but in the lab, we're still in charge.
Past attempts to manufacture them, however, have produced a jumble of flawed tubes.
However, even these attempts at exposing the problem at hand can sometimes fall short.
Previous simulation attempts often produced a galaxy with an oversize bulge and too small a surrounding disk.
After that many attempts, the highly improbable becomes destiny.
Despite all attempts to remain objective, the articles would have an undercurrent of electric excitement.
Attempts to glimpse the earliest birthing stages of stars and galaxies have been thwarted in part by the light-snuffing clouds.
The first attempts at creating flying cars were fairly simple-install an airplane engine and two wings on a regular car.
Three attempts to make genomics an integral part of medicine.
The findings could give you an easy excuse for failed diet attempts.
But attempts to shrink them by any significant amount have mostly ended in failure.
Endeavour was a proving ground for some of the earliest attempts to sell commercial spaceflight services.
Yes, there have been attempts to develop synthetic emotions for machines, but that's all artifice.
Everyone was well aware of how some previous attempts to alter the body's cellular and genetic makeup had gone wrong.
But attempts to make them in volume are off to a slow start.
Once the robot has developed a successful simulation, it attempts to walk using the same technique.
Various attempts to drop antimatter and see where it goes have all been inconclusive.
The violence of football has always been a matter of concern and the sport has seen periodic attempts at safety and reform.
There have been four apparent suicides at the camp and many more attempts.
Discusses other attempts to find a cure for the disease.
Tells about his attempts to become a screenwriter and then a playwright.
Self-exculpations there are in plenty, but these are attempts to justify himself in the eyes of others, not in his own eyes.
History suggests that attempts to resist semantic change are almost invariably unsuccessful.
Yet many of the children's adventures have to do with attempts to improve the family's finances.
She hasn't made any attempts to get a lot of galleries or museums to buy her work.
Attempts to use it as the basis of a national military-political strategy have invariably failed.
He attempts to solve his problems by rational discussion.
After seven attempts to defibrillate, or electrically shock the heart into beating normally, a rhythm was restored.
These other causes are not, as the ultras often claim, the product of thinly veiled attempts to smuggle purpose back into biology.
In both cases earlier attempts had ended in failure, if not tragedy.
None of these attempts can explain a strong underlying global trend.
Insecurity and the fears that accompany it have delayed rebel attempts to reclaim the streets.
It may take several attempts before you successfully beat the addiction.
Others lounged in the salon upstairs or huddled around fans in vain attempts to cool down and rest their weary limbs.
Eventually, he attempts the trick of a dream that's within a dream that's within a dream.
Peters did not respond to attempts to speak to him about his book proposal or his decision not to write it.
From time to time there are some half-hearted attempts at a crackdown.
My attempts to be frugal never cost me more in the end.

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