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Example sentences for attainable

Tenure is meant to preserve and reward that investment, and to provide a tangible, attainable incentive.
In other words, those who desired the water more, perceived it as more easily attainable.
There's different models, and the maximum temperatures attainable in the kind of cooker you have varies a bit.
Role models don't necessarily make the path easier, but they do show that the goal is attainable.
As the sole prize now attainable, its value has evidently shot up.
Frugal education attainable under the existing collegiate system.
The problem with this is that there's no universal agreement on what's realistically attainable.
Whether or not this is an attainable goal is another question.
Let private companies do that now that the technology has become attainable by them.
And, there were design flaws in the machine that still need to be corrected before full energy will be attainable.
The combination of those risks with the potential attainable gains motivates my call for additional monetary policy stimulus.
One popular and attainable one is to insure all children.
If the standards are high, but attainable, then they will be met by regulators.
It's depressing because the solutions are attainable, if painful in the short term.
The enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of health is one of the fundamental human rights.
Still, both benefits may be attainable when things change gradually.
But that, and more, is attainable now for anyone willing to ride a motorcycle.
Players representatives said an agreement was attainable.
The goals you have set are attainable if you begin with the small things.
So why push for it unless they simply think it is an attainable goal among harder goals.
The second floor is only attainable by ascending a flight of stairs.

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