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He went back to his study, and this time attacked his work resolutely.
The principles on which our country was founded were attacked.
Was told he had been physically attacked while out on bail, but couldn't find any additional facts.
We are talking about his livelihood and good name being attacked and threatened.
Id be surprised if peoples accounts are not being attacked constantly in a public environment.
While traveling to a campaign event, a group of gunmen attacked his convoy, killing the candidate and six others.
Davidson was walking back to his hotel after photographing the party, when he was attacked.
The agency has attacked every private space transport venture in sight.
The choice, as he laid it out, is between ratifying the post-9/11 redefinition of liberty and security and getting attacked again.
They were attacked either by the police or by groups of hooligans who were under clear police protection.
Unfortunately an invention is first ridiculed, then attacked and finally declared self-evident.
The really good writers know that they will be attacked, and they make every attempt to maintain some dignity.
We would be outraged if others attacked us with these weapons.
There is a middle ground, but it isn't easy to stand there without being attacked by both camps.
If you don't want to be attacked then you shouldn't have started this by attacking others.
One team attacked an empty armored personnel carrier, which had been parked at the crossing as a decoy.
Its vehicles are more liked than loved, and it is often attacked for being better at imitation than at invention.
Some nearly died of starvation, while others retreated in the face of tribes that attacked with poisoned arrows.
Some appear to have been attacked by the beaks of other cephalopods.
The army has been selective in the extremists it has attacked.
For example, it expands the range of targets that can be attacked.
After then trying to flee, he was attacked with tear gas.
The government was attacked for failing to give the returned migrants a chance to seek asylum.
If the pathway attacked by that drug is not active in a patient, the drug is unlikely to curb his tumour's growth.
If anyone else was attacked and retaliated, they would have the support of the whole world.
Beyond the capital, demonstrators attacked police stations and public offices in a dozen cities.
Most animal species in the world have developed camouflage that helps them find food and avoid being attacked by a predator.
To get revenge, they attacked the games' new organizers in the middle of a wrestling match.
He has to fight a lot of pirates and he eventually saves the pirates from getting attacked by this other ship.
Wasps might have attacked either the initial scavengers or the spiders, laying their eggs in the bodies of those creatures.
Some have attacked the internal improbabilities of the story.
She was visited by bad news already at age six, when she was attacked by polio, leaving her with a withered right leg.
There was nothing different about him anymore to my eyes, but the teenage birds attacked the little guy mercilessly.
Right-wingers attacked them as bureaucratic intrusions into private life.
Paying to have oneself attacked was a kind of corporate ablution.
Species with bright leaves tend to be attacked by more species of aphids in the fall than species with drab leaves.
Together, they alter the protein that's attacked by the drug, rendering it useless.
And there are plenty more unbroken codes out there to be attacked.
He was, naturally, attacked by a mob on his way to work.
The hockey stick diagram has been vindicated again and again, after being attacked many times by real science and otherwise.
In response to my posts you and some others have attacked my integrity and character.
They need to know they will be attacked if they start shooting.
The chimp was shot dead by a police officer, who was also attacked.
If you see someone being attacked by bees, encourage them to run away or seek shelter.

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